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Are you a consultant with broad experience across technologies looking for a place to work at the intersection of business and technology, and who is no stranger to presenting ideas in boardrooms and depicting what could be done, and isn’t afraid to jump in and make the presentation topics a reality?

Our award-winning tech community is looking for a Technology Advisor to join our office in Helsinki.


As a Technology Advisor at Reaktor, your job is to

Help our clients take advantage of digital to excel in business

You’re a technologist at heart, and you know how to do things the smart way in any context, comfortable working closely with the clients’ senior staff and IT leadership and enjoy collaborating with other Reaktorians, and eager to take a deep dive into the characteristics of your client’s industry whatever it might be to help them with their core business challenges spanning over technology, governance, and organization as well as within individual systems.

Your daily tasks include:

  • Working on a wide range of technology-related problems that are essential to our client’s business. Your day-to-day will vary depending on your client. It may be anything between designing cloud infrastructure, performing technical due diligence ahead of a merger, planning modernization of legacy systems, or analyzing regulatory implications for a software system.
  • Following the projects from the very first sales meetings to the finish line. You are the best person to sell your own expertise and we believe the team responsible for project delivery should be part of the sales process. Thus, you will also be collaborating closely with your colleagues in sales efforts to maximize our chances of success.
  • Working in complex and varied business domains with scalable, high availability, and data-intensive systems. Our clients call us for strategically important needs that are non-trivial and often revolve around challenging status quos and ambitious goals.
  • Helping our clients pick the right technologies, architectures, and organizational structures. That can mean cloud or on-prem, a tried-and-true JVM language or something relatively new or niche, end-to-end feature teams or layer-oriented service and platform teams – whatever best solves the client’s need in their context.
  • Wearing different kinds of hats depending on the project and client. Our Technology Advisors’ role is not set in stone. They can do anything starting from local sales support and technical assessments of existing systems and codebases to feasibility studies, ending with developing a technology strategy for a billion-dollar retail company with locations across multiple continents.
  • Learning the entire gamut of technologies in use at leading companies. When working with our diverse clientele and their technology challenges, you’ll be able to gain a ton of insight on the current technology landscape.
  • Developing our advisory business and offering. We don’t intend to stand still – working with a team of dedicated colleagues, you’ll continuously drive our services forward and shape our future together.


You are

A technology consultant who knows how to think and talk business

Always ready to roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done to help the client and your team succeed.

To thrive in this position, you:

  • Want to understand the client’s business deeply. Developing a solid understanding of the business and industry is essential to giving the best possible advice to our clients on how digital initiatives can help achieve their business goals.
  • Have prior experience in different types of technology projects and environments. In the past you’ve personally taken part in developing and delivering complex software projects from beginning to end.
  • Understand complex architectures and modern infrastructures. You’re able to, for example, articulate why a microservices architecture makes sense and to walk the client through technical and organizational implications along with the contextual pros and cons that form the basis of your recommendation.
  • Have knowledge of modern digital service development methods and methodologies, and organizational designs. We find it crucial that our Technology Advisors have a holistic perspective not only of technology but also the people and processes impacted by and influencing the technical decisions.
  • Have been exposed to a multitude of technologies and ecosystems. Our clients represent various industries and the technology landscape we routinely face is as wide as it is deep.
  • Are fluent in English. Much of work happens in international environments where English is the working language and facilitating workshops, leading conversations and carrying out interviews is a big part of the job.
  • Have good written communication skills. Our work and deliverables usually revolve around various documents ranging from presentation slides to architecture diagrams and written reports. Being proficient and comfortable with producing high-quality materials is essential for success in this role.


Why join us?

For two decades, we’ve been developing qualities and capabilities for adapting, reacting, and supporting change – building Reaktor to hold up in a fast-paced environment while ensuring the well-being of our people.

While working at Reaktor, we’ll provide you with:

  • The freedom to impact how you work. Your team chooses the approach, technologies, and methodologies you think will work best in any given situation.
  • A community with as much support as your heart desires.
  • A team that’s not only experienced but considerate as well. Your coworkers are likely as experienced as you are, and they all want you to succeed.
  • A sustainable work-life balance and support for your daily life outside of work (free moving day, moving van & other cars to loan for free, sick child care services, office space to use for your private events, etc.).
  • An opportunity to grow as a professional. We offer +35 internal training events on average every month, +15 community events and several 15-minute coffee breaks to discuss hot topics in tech and design.
  • A possibility to take part in longer academy-like studies like leading a team, delivering challenging projects, Cloud Academy, Mobile Academy, GraphQL Academy, UX Academy, and much more.
  • 300+ hobby clubs from winter swimming and running to knitting and archery that bring people together outside (and sometimes inside) of office hours. Many of these are supported by Reaktor.

In addition to our culture perks, we’re offering you an extensive benefit package including the following and more:

  • Extended healthcare services, with broad-spectrum specialist services included
  • Dental care up to 250€/year
  • 300€/year for exercise and relaxation
  • 200€/month lunch benefit on top of your salary
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Company shares
  • Bicycle benefit and commuting benefits
  • Subsidized massages
  • A phone of your choice with a phone subscription
  • Internet subscription of your choice
  • State-of-the-art working equipment you pick yourself
  • A programme to support Open Source work
  • Freedom to work remotely wherever in Finland full-time, or work up to two months from another EU country
  • Support for possible relocations and help to acquire a residence permit if needed


Interested? Drop us a line via the form below and introduce yourself!

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