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Technical Project Manager

Curious about working in future-thinking tech projects with top clients like adidas, KLM, FC Liverpool, and others?
Get the joy out of forming transparent relationships that put a smile on the faces of both clients and the team?
Enjoy being the go-to person who ties all the strings together for a smooth project flow?

We would love to have you on board! 

Our growing Amsterdam community is looking for a Technical Project Manager to make sure that the project processes are in good hands and bring the most value to our clients and colleagues. We would love you to have a tech expert’s overview combined with unbeatable communication skills. 

At Reaktor, we design and build tomorrow’s digital products. We are owned by our employees and known for an award-winning culture. We’ve also been demystifying programming by teaching kids to code with LEGO, educating people about the elements of AI, sending a satellite to space, and much more.

As a Technical Project Manager you will be answering the how’s and why’s of the clients, communicating milestones and setting expectations – all while maintaining trust and transparency.
You will be acting as a central part in our small autonomous teams helping them organize work in a worry-free manner and spending 1-2 days a week with the client making sure the project is efficiently meeting their needs.

Ideally you…

  • Are great at handling disagreement, understanding both Reaktor’s and our clients’ best interests. You enjoy slicing and dicing complex situations into actionable plans and digging out the real causes of issues. 
  • Have excellent English language communication and presentation skills.
  • Are ready to write some lines of code and have expertise in software development. The specific tech will vary per project, but a developer’s perspective will be consistently important.
  • Have 5 – 8 years of professional experience. Have worked for 3+ years in a technology consultancy or client facing agency.
  • Have strong leadership and interpersonal skills that will help you to coordinate team work.
  • Get joy out of organizing flows, charts, schemes – whatever it takes to make sure that no detail slips away from your eye. You have experience with  popular methodologies (keywords: Kanban, Agile, Lean, Scrum) and are ready to find a solution that works best in each given case.
  • Might be familiar with SaFe, ITIL or similar. You understand deployment can be a risk, and are equipped to make or facilitate informed decisions about same.
  • Can spend your working week with clients and project teams.
  • Advocate for your team’s wellbeing, and ensure good work is done in a healthy way.
  • Can take project scope and timeline under control. You don’t shy away from managing the financial matters (deals, contracts, invoicing) either.

What’s in it for you? 

  • You will work with top international clients operating in the fields ranging from media to aviation, retail and healthcare. Also, our teams might be scattered around Reaktor offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, New York and Tokyo which means you will enjoy a great deal of diversity in your day-to-day life.
  • You are able to shape your career development path and make use of numerous Reaktor trainings, global communities of practice and growth compensation. We hope you have a vision of what you’d like to achieve, and you feel passionate about being an active participant in the wider Reaktor community.
  • We use the best tools for the job at hand. If it helps to make your work faster and easier, it’s on your table. 
  • You have the opportunity to change clients, teams, domains and so there is always a new exciting project around the corner for you.
  • Don’t worry – your work life balance will remain intact, and we are committed to ensuring our employees work 40 hour weeks on average.

What is it like working for Reaktor Amsterdam?

Reaktor teams work in close co-operation with our clients. We deliver anything from automating beer brewing processes and scaling the streaming of popular TV shows (hint: winter is coming), to refining global scale ecommerce services to withstand 200k+ RPM traffic peaks during Black Friday sales.

The Amsterdam office has a unique vibe, being a lively mix of 21 nationalities. When we’re not working on solving complex digital challenges, we like to go for runs together, head out for dinner and drinks, or discuss our favourite podcasts in Slack hobby channels. This means that we’re not looking for just a pair of hands, but for whole personalities with their interests and quirkiness.

How can we meet you?

💻 We’ll start with a brief video chat, just to say hi. Hi!

👋 Then we’ll get to know you a bit better. We call this the Culture and Attitude interview.

😎 Next up is a skills interview. No brain teasers or sorting algos, we promise. You choose a couple of topics to discuss, we’ll choose a couple of topics to discuss.

📃 Finally, the closing interview. Here we discuss practicalities and make you an offer we hope you can’t refuse.

❤️ You’re in!


So, dear future colleague, we can’t wait to hear from you! Apply below 👇

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