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Technical Lead

Reaktor Japan is looking for a Technical Lead who is vital to the engineering team. Due to their involvement in implementation, they need to have an understanding of the projects and technical goals on a high level and keeping up to date on latest design processes as well as technologies. They are able to collaborate with teams of software engineers in user research, design, implementation, testing and development of software.

Technical Lead at Reaktor must be able to communicate technical concepts concisely to both technical and non-technical members such as clients, project managers and sales person in both English and Japanese. They should also be quick learners and be open to discussing utilization of new technologies that can help Reaktor's business.

A typical day as a Tech Lead at Reaktor:

  • Creating beautiful digital service loved by users
  • Planning the software architecture and technology stack
  • Building elegant and robust software using latest technology
  • Automating processes whenever possible
  • Working with our clients in Japan
  • Creating alignment between the team and client to help unblock issues that impede the team’s performance
  • Work together with developers, designers and the client to clarify any ambiguous requirements to help define the best course of action 

What you need to bring with you:

  • Strong verbal communication skill and ability to communicate with multiple stakeholders both in English and Japanese
  • Understand digital service development
  • Experience delivering complex and demanding projects from beginning to end
  • Experience with both backend and frontend – one may be stronger than the other
  • Experience with at least one cloud provider (AWS, Azure, GCP etc.)
  • Hands-on experience with different types of technology projects and environments
  • Interest and/or experience in agile software development and team work
  • Compassion for people and being people centric—both those around you and those who will use what we build. A letter from your future colleague, Gab discusses what this means in practice.
  • Moving initiatives forward to make things happen and an understanding that leadership can be shared! Niklas shares his view on No Hierarchy!

To give you an idea what it’s like working at Reaktor:

  • We believe digitalization can bring unprecedented change to Japan. At Reaktor, you will be fulfilling a key role to help us bring innovative digital services to Japanese enterprises.
  • We create digital services that answer users’ needs without compromising on software quality or execution speed.
  • We support work-life balance. We believe that quality in our work comes from a mixture of experience, passion for the job, and a healthy lifestyle.
  • We have global offices in New York, Helsinki, Amsterdam and Tokyo. You get to learn and share knowledge with other top talent from all over the world. Let's be real though, compared to our established office in Helsinki, we have a smaller setup. Having said that, we work with MNCs like Shiseido, ANA, Mercari to name a few to succeed in their digital ventures.  

We really care about our employees and offer:

  • Bi-annual company trip :bus:
  • Company Sponsored Team Building Outings and Events :sunrise_over_mountains: :desert_island:
  • Paid On-boarding Trip to Finland :airplane:
  • Paid Cellular Phone and Data Plan :iphone:
  • Free Company Swags :billed_cap:
  • Endless Snacks and Drinks  :tea: :peanuts:
  • Casual Dress Code :jeans::athletic_shoe:
  • Support For Career and Development Growth :male-technologist::skin-tone-2::female-technologist::skin-tone-2:
  • One Month of Sick Leave Per Year  :mask:
  • Support for Family Situations Including Parental Leave and Working Flexibility
  • Specialty coffee from micro-roasters throughout Japan :coffee:
  • Freedom to choose and expense own working tools, including keyboards, mouse, and laptop stands  :desktop_computer::three_button_mouse: :keyboard:

Steps after submitting your application:

:calling:  Brief chat to say “Hi!”

:smile:  Introduction to Reaktor. We call this the Culture Fit round. Check out what Adam had to say about our interview.

:sunglasses:  Technical Round. Forget about brain teaser questions, let's have a chat about your source codes!

:checkered_flag:  Final Round. We take this opportunity to clarify our mutual expectations. 

If you believe you are the person we’re looking for, introduce yourself. Tell us your story and what you want to accomplish. Details of any open source projects and your GitHub repository are highly regarded. Drop us a line at about why you’re a perfect fit for this position, and include your CV along with few samples of your work.