Lisbon Technology

Software Engineer With a Twist

Curious about applying your tech skills in different domains?
Planning and theory are important but the most value is in the execution?
Passionate about your hobbies, your friends are asking you to shut up already?
Keep finding yourself in heated discussions about the latest features in your favorite programming language?

Well, look at you sounding like a Reaktorian already 😎

At Reaktor, we design and build tomorrow’s digital products. Owned by our employees and known for an award-winning culture and a Node.js running satellite, the next phase of our global story is about to begin – right here in Lisbon.

👫 We make our clients succeed in technology

Reaktor teams work in close co-operation with our clients. Delivering anything from automating beer brewing processes and scaling the streaming of popular TV shows (hint: winter is coming!), to refining global scale ecommerce services and building 100kLOC JS codebases from scratch. 

Basically, we strive to tackle the most exciting and complex tech problems out there. Your job is to solve them in meaningful, future-forward ways, in a small team of some of the sharpest minds around. If it runs code, our team of propeller-heads can make it.

👩‍💻 Sound like your future team? This is what we want from you:

  • Curiosity to apply your tech skills to different domains.
  • Getting things done is what gives you energy. The best part of the day is when the code gets deployed to production. Even when it’s not perfect yet.
  • You see colleagues and clients as individuals with their respective strengths and weaknesses.

📟 Technically speaking, this is what we offer

  • We use the best tools for the job at hand. Sometimes it’s Clojure running in a Kubernetes cluster, and sometimes it’s a small piece of JS running on AWS Lambda.
  • Sometimes tech is best solved with no code at all, but with talking to the right people.
  • Our juniors and seniors alike work on both the shiny and dirty bits of the codebase. No ivory tower architects here.
  • Some buzzwords we are into: functional programming, state management, Node.js, Clojure, TypeScript, React, Swift, Kotlin, SQL and NoSQL, Kanban. 
  • We have no hard language or tech requirements, as we know that good developers can create great things in any language.

Here’s what happens when you hit Apply:

💻Brief video chat, just to say hi.

👋🏽Introduction to Reaktor. We call this the Culture and Attitude interview. Here’s Adam to tell you more about what to expect from our interviews.

😎 Technical interview. No brain teasers or sorting algos, we promise! You choose a couple of topics to discuss, we choose a couple of topics to discuss.

📃 Closing interview. We clarify our mutual expectations of our common future. Naturally, necessities like compensation and equipment will be taken care of in a manner that satisfies us both.

❤️ That’s it, welcome to the crew <3

So, dear future colleague: hit apply, we’re waiting for your email at This is your chance to make something truly exceptional happen in Lisbon with us.