Seinäjoki Technology

Software Developer

Reaktor is hiring a Software Developer at our Seinäjoki office. We, the team of experts at Seinäjoki, are vital to the continued success of our customers worldwide. We build new features and make sure services are up and running around the clock.

Reaktor Continuous Services is a premium offering that is far above the service levels generally expected in software industry. We’re embedded early on in the development team to ensure a smooth transition and effective knowledge sharing. This enables us to not only have a thorough understanding of the application itself, but also continuously develop new features.

Ideally, we’re looking for someone who transitions smoothly between a full stack developer and a sysadmin. A soupçon of architectural or DBA skills wouldn’t hurt either. Some of the programming languages we use include Scala, Javascript, Java and Clojure. Most of the services we develop are running in a cloud environment such as AWS or Heroku. We interface with customers from Helsinki capital area and our overseas offices in the US and Japan, so good communication skills are vital. It’s a plus if you are able and willing to travel, but beyond the occasional visit your main working location will be at our office in Seinäjoki. Monitoring and on-call duties are included, but can be agreed upon flexibly.

We take pride in our work and our customers consider us vital for their business. At Seinäjoki you’ll be working alongside a team of seasoned experts and above all nice people that are anxiously waiting to experience the flavor you could bring to the company. Send us your application with the form below or at and we’ll get back to you!