Junior Turku

Software Developer for the Summer 2020 (Turku)

Are you a motivated developer who’s looking for a place to grow and have fun next summer in beautiful Turku? We’re hiring enthusiastic learners to join our office in Turku for the summer 2020. The application period ends on February 28, 2020

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What we’re looking for

We don’t expect you to master everything before joining us, but we do call for eagerness and ability to learn new things and challenge yourself. You’ll also have a head start in our projects, and therefore, an advantage in the recruitment process if you: 

  • Know at least one programming language/stack well. Knowing more languages with different abstraction levels and paradigms will come in handy.
  • Are familiar with web stack (frontend+backend tech, communication protocols, relational databases, etc). Most of our client projects have aspects involving the web, and thus, knowing the web stack will help you a lot. 
  • Have previous experience in teamwork with good development practices (e.g. code reviews) and in using Git. As a summer employee, you’ll be working as part of one of our client teams, so knowing good development practices already is a plus. 
  • Have previous projects to showcase your skills in writing readable and well-structured code. We receive a lot of applications yearly, and thus, showing your skills rather than just telling about them is a great way to stand out. 
  • Make it through the day in English. You’ll most likely work in an international project in which the primary working language is English, even though your closest colleagues might be Finnish. 

If you don’t check every box on the list, don’t worry. We’re seeking potential, not superstars who know everything already. Rather the list is supposed to help you to pinpoint the relevant skills in your application. 

What we offer

  • Meaningful projects that solve real-life problems. You’ll be spending your summer as a part of one of our client teams in Turku, working with our leading experts, building solutions that solve actual challenges of the client.  
  • A passionate community of experts as your colleagues. As a Reaktorian, you’ll have talented and experienced colleagues around you, ready to help you whenever you need it. 
  • A workplace where you can feel like home. We’re not looking to hire your work-self, but we’re looking to hire you as a whole and let you be the same person at work as at home. 
  • A summer that is not all about work. We Reaktorians take our work seriously, but we also like to have fun, which is why we’re having regular team days and doing not work-related activities together.

How to apply

We’re excited if you’re planning on applying! Send us your application and CV as PDF’s using the form below by Feb 28, 2020. 

There’s no need to be formal but make sure that your application includes either one of the following:

  • Your solution to our pre-assignment as a link to your online portfolio (GitHub or similar).
  • A link to your previous solo project that showcases your skills the best. Make sure that the project:
    • Demonstrates the relevant coding skills we’re looking for (stated above). 
    • Contains a README that makes it easy to understand, build, and run your code, and preferably also pointing to a demo running on the Internet.

We’re hoping to read your application soon! Voit halutessasi lähettää kesätyöhakemuksesi meille myös suomeksi.


Have a question? Check out our frequently asked questions and answers. We also recommend you to have a look at our more detailed tips on how to land a summer job at Reaktor in GitHub.