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Reaktor is a strategy, design, and engineering company based in New York City, Helsinki, Tokyo, and Amsterdam.

Founded in Finland sixteen years ago, the 400 Reaktorians excel in everything from hardcore software development to sophisticated brand and concept design. A growing company owned by its employees, our goal is to bring the most talented people together to help our customers build truly remarkable services.

We’re now looking to hire a seasoned software architect to work in our project teams in Amsterdam. You’ve got several big projects under their belt, yet still enjoy taking part in daily hands-on coding. You’ve had to make some tough calls in a high-demand environment, threading the needle between questions of build vs. buy, which datastore to use or when to scale up or out.

At Reaktor, we believe that an architecture will emerge regardless of whether it’s planned or not. Highly skilled team members are able to adapt the structure of an application to changing needs, yet it sometimes pays to take a step back and plan a few moves ahead.

We avoid unnecessary hierarchy and focus on fully autonomic teams that accomplish their own goals and make their own decisions.

Our teams are relatively agnostic to technology choices. We do a lot of JVM (Java, Scala, Clojure) and ES6 based solutions on the server side, and use cloud providers extensively. Universal (or isomorphic, if you will) apps are the latest trend, but we’re open to all ways of building things. In fact, we hope you’ll be teaching us new ways of doing things.

If what we’re saying resonates with you, we’d love to have a chat – please introduce yourself using the form below or at Tell us your story and what you want to accomplish; details of any open source projects and your GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket repository will be highly regarded. See what Adam has to say about his experience of interviewing with Reaktor.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

VilleNizar, and Siru from the Amsterdam team

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