Helsinki Software Development

Software Architect

We’re looking for a seasoned software architect with several big projects under their belt, who still enjoy taking part in daily hands-on coding. These are the kind of people who’ve witnessed numerous technical problems and their subsequent solutions. You’ve had to make some tough calls in a high-demand environment, threading the needle between questions of build vs. buy, which datastore to use or when to scale up or out.

At Reaktor, we believe that an architecture will emerge regardless of whether it’s planned or not. Highly skilled team members are able to adapt the structure of an application to changing needs, but that doesn’t rule out the fact that sometimes it pays to take a step back and plan a few moves ahead. Sometimes this is done best by sketching diagrams that drill down to the nitty-gritty details of customer requirements. Other times the best abstraction is a single function. Nevertheless, our view is that architecture itself is ephemeral – it’s the implementation that counts.

Our teams are relatively agnostic to technology choices. We do a lot of JVM (Java, Scala, Clojure) and ES6 based solutions on the server, and use cloud providers extensively. Universal (or isomorphic, if you will) apps are the latest trend, but we’re open to all ways of building things. In fact, we hope you’ll be teaching us new ways of doing things. If what you’ve just read rings a bell, we’d love to talk to you. Don’t hesitate to click below and leave your application or e-mail us at We guarantee to respond to each and every inquiry. Ja voit tietysti lähettää hakemuksesi yhtä hyvin myös suomeksi. Can’t wait!