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Senior Software Developer

At Reaktor, we work on strategically critical projects that are at the core of our clients' businesses and our society. These projects simply need to continue in unprecedented times as well. That is why we’re looking for more senior software developers to come build the future with us in Helsinki

For two decades, we’ve been developing qualities and capabilities for adapting, reacting, and supporting change – building Reaktor to hold up in a fast-paced environment and secure the well-being of our people in any given circumstance. Our clientele consists of a wide array of pioneering companies and industry leaders from world-class e-commerce to education, healthcare, and public sector services. In your daily work, you could be building an award-winning online grocery store for Kesko, developing Mehiläinen’s groundbreaking healthcare service, or creating YLE’s national communication and media services. Alternatively, you could spend your day creating software for national defense and security purposes

Our top-notch experts are the foundation of our high-quality client work, and their well-being is always our utmost priority. Your well-being is backed up with internal trainings and events, development discussions, various hobby clubs, and an altogether comprehensive benefit package. And most importantly, when life happens and our private lives need more of our attention or a challenging project is taking more energy than expected, we have each other’s back. We’re in this together.

What you’ll do

Help clients adapt and stay ahead of the curve

Working in one of our autonomous client teams, you’ll:

  • Work together with a hybrid team of developers, designers, strategists, and the client to clarify ambiguous requirements, define the best course of action, pick the right tools and technologies, and shape the result — together
  • Continuously deliver functional, high-quality software
  • Commit working code, perform code reviews for peers, and help develop the team’s ways of working
  • Take your share of the responsibility for the team and the project, and have the vision and drive to do more than just “type in the code”. 
  • Be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance: you'll be ready to pick up your kid from daycare or switch to your favorite hobby on time

Our senior software engineers are team players, keen to share what they learn and learn from others. We’re a hands-on bunch and expect you to be able to both ideate and take action.

What we’re looking for

A skilled collaborator looking to change the world

Our requirements are not absolute because nobody fits in an exact mold. However, here are some factors we’ve noticed to be in common for many of our senior developers:

  • Work experience from multiple languages and technologies in multiple domains
  • Understanding of the underlying principles of software development, and an ability to transfer their knowledge and skills to new technologies or domains
  • A demonstrated ability to adopt new software engineering technologies and practices
  • Great collaboration skills, and an ability to help their team to improve its ways of working: they share what they learn, help others, learn from their peers, and ask for help when needed
  • Side projects, open-source contributions, or just learning new things for the fun of it whether it’s through books, courses, or any other means that work best for them
  • The ability to communicate their ideas and opinions effectively and convincingly both verbally and in writing without forgetting to listen to others

We do require fluency in English, both spoken and written. Also, in many of our projects, understanding (and making it through the day in) Finnish is required, but not in all of them. Additionally, you must be eligible to work in Finland.

Interested? Drop us a line via the form below and introduce yourself!  


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