Design Helsinki

Senior Service Designer

We’re looking for senior service designers to join our office in Helsinki. As a senior service designer, you help us and our clients develop meaningful, successful services in the digital domain and beyond.

You’re experienced in research and have the skills required to design services and touchpoints that impact users’ lives and our clients’ business for the better. You’re all about impacting the world and the way it works. You’re very comfortable in working with both the virtual and real-life parts of a service, and are adept at anchoring design decisions in the client’s business goals.

At Reaktor, we constantly challenge ourselves and our clients to achieve the best possible outcome. You’ll get to work on meaningful projects and be a part of a unique community of passionate professionals. We’re all about setting you up to succeed.

What you’ll do

As a service designer you help realize digital visions

As a service designer, you’re all about:

  • Studying the client’s and customer’s processes, behavior and challenges
  • Clearly communicating findings as actionable insights
  • Helping the team and client design the needed services
  • Laying out coherent steps to realize solutions

The work you do is crucial in helping us and our clients keep up and thrive in a world that is constantly accelerating. Understanding latent user needs and emerging organizational patterns, and then communicating them to the team and client, is what you do best.

What we’re looking for

A self-starter with an eye for the essential

As a service designer in a senior position, you:

  • Can start your work with limited understanding of the case and are able to bring clarity to it
  • Begin with a small team and recognize when and how to expand it as the project matures
  • Work hand-in-hand with the client to get buy-in for necessary decisions
  • Are a native or fluent speaker of Finnish and fluent in English
  • Communicate regularly and openly with both stakeholders and the team in order to guide the project in the right direction
  • Identify the core of the solution and work with the team to test the hypotheses behind the design

The role in practice

From understanding users to a working solution

When starting with a new client or on a new project with an existing client, you’ll often work with a small team of fellow Reaktorians. Together with the team and client stakeholders, you decide what steps need to be taken to get things in order. Your input on what tools and methods to use is expected and highly valued.

You take the lead in conducting necessary research and other information gathering. This means that you get to contact, observe and interview users, and dig into data, metrics and business objectives.

At Reaktor the whole team is keen to understand the reasoning and underlying patterns behind design decisions. This means that you will be a working member of the team as it designs and builds the solution or product. You support the team and client through the launch, and get to iterate and improve the service based on actual results.

What we’re like

We pride ourselves on a culture that is open, respectful and human. Reaktorians are a friendly, curious bunch – in addition to being some of the sharpest minds around. Doing what others consider unrealistic is our bread and butter.

We work together with our clients to set our projects up for success, and help their organizations adapt and remain ahead in a world that is increasingly complex. As a Reaktorian you get to work in and learn from hybrid teams with experts ranging from engineering to AI, business consulting, design, content and data.

Reaktor in brief

Reaktor is a hybrid partner for forward-thinking companies and organizations. We reimagine businesses, and design and build tomorrow’s digital products. Our full range of consultancy and agency services include expertise from high level business consultancy to hands-on service and product design and development, to branding and marketing.

We have global reach, a Nordic touch, a boutique approach, and an exceptional ability to scale and take on projects of any caliber.