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Senior Product Designer

At Reaktor, we design and build tomorrow’s digital products. Known for our award-winning culture, we are owned by our employees, and we’re planning to educate 1% of European citizens about the elements of AI (amongst other things).

We’re looking for a multi-skilled product designer to join our team in delivering world-class digital products for companies such as adidas, Liverpool F.C., Rovio Entertainment, HBO and Finnair.

You will be working side-by-side with some of the most talented full-stack engineers in the world in a small autonomous team, collaborating with our clients to define, design, and build their core digital products. In addition to executing thoughtful features and great interfaces, you will co-create the vision, strategy, and priorities for a product together with the client and your team. We hope you care deeply about creating high impact, high-value concepts and features, and are passionate about building the best product for the problem at hand.

This role is based in the Amsterdam office, where our 44-strong team is currently working from home (and until it’s safe to get back in the office, you’ll be donning your best WFH outfits too). From day one, our growth philosophy has been to hire any and all Reaktorians out there. This has served us well, with a welcoming community of humans from 18 nationalities who will connect with you beyond the day-to-day

You might spend your days:

  • Making sense of our clients’ business challenges and their users’ behavior, and turning your understanding into great designs that benefit them both.
  • Working with our design community to continue building an ambitious, inclusive, and collaborative design culture.
  • Acting as a central part in our small autonomous teams, facilitating ways of working within the team, and making sure the project is efficiently meeting our client’s needs.
  • Building and nurturing relationships with our clients’ teams, decision makers, and leadership – helping the client evolve their ways of working along the way and deepening our collaboration.
  • Supporting Reaktor’s growth by contributing to our talent growth activities and business development efforts, through delivering winning pitch work and purposeful workshops. 

Here’s what we care about:

  • You have a broad understanding of the kind of work it takes to build great digital products and fantastic customer experiences.
  • You’re a specialist in at least one area. It could be unpacking problems, executing pixel perfect interfaces, talking with users, or anything in between.  
  • You’ve seen a range of projects as a designer, with experience from several products from different industries and scales. This may have taken you 5+ years of real-world work experience, or maybe you’ve gotten a lot done in a shorter period.
  • You think that collaborating closely with everyone involved in building the product makes great products, and you believe that good and open communication is key to solving most challenges.
  • Working effectively with your team is something you enjoy putting thought into. You may have explored popular methodologies (keywords: Kanban, Agile, Lean, Scrum) in search of better ways of working.
  • Your natural curiosity about clients, their business challenges, and end-users, and ability to build good, long-lasting relationships with clients.
  • You’re excited about responsibility and being able to shape your career development path, while hopefully teaching your peers a thing or two. We hope you have a vision of what you’d like to achieve, and you feel passionate about being an active participant in the wider Reaktor community.

If reading this gave you butterflies, we hope you apply, no matter what your path here was. We hope you can join our community where we can shape our paths into new domains, together. Tell us about your past adventures in the world of design, and let us know what you’d love to do in the future. Keep it original rather than official.

If you’re not based in Amsterdam, no worries. What’s important is that you’d be willing to come join us. To make sure we’re a home for top talent like you, we offer a nice relocation package, as well as all the help and advice you need in moving over. We’re a diverse bunch, but for the record, we stick to english around the office and with our clients.      

Does all this sound like you’re a Reaktorian already? Introduce yourself with the form below, or by dropping us a note at We aim to respond to everyone within two weeks.

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