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Reaktor is a world-renowned software and digital services studio. We build mission critical services to our customers. One of our growth and focus areas is in high-security environments. In addition to working with national security projects, our projects often have a high impact on the core business of our customer companies. Naturally, security is one of primary concerns for the systems we build – be they in-flight servers for the aerospace industry, banking systems or master data solutions.

We are looking to hire a Secure Software Engineer to work in our customer teams. While the main focus area of your skills might be development, your job will require a security-conscious approach. Reaktor projects take place on-site at our customer premises or specific secure locations. We work in multi-disciplined teams consisting of engineers, designers and business experts, all focused on working towards a common goal.

We believe that security is not something that can be sprinkled on top of an existing product. Instead, it’s a built-in property of software systems, emerging from practices and choices of the people building and employing them. We hope you will be able to instill these qualities into your team and establish a defense-in-depth mentality to the software development process. It is a definite plus if you are familiar with techniques and procedures used for securing networks and physical spaces as well.

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What we offer
  • Meaningful, high-impact projects in customer-centric digital services
  • Freedom and responsibility over your work
  • Smart, practical colleagues working in small multi-disciplinary teams
  • Competitive salary with good perks
  • Excellent work/life -balance
  • State-of-the-art working equipment you pick yourself. You can use Mac, Windows, Linux or whatever else you desire.
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