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Reaktor is a global technology studio that that constructs vivid, inspiring and lasting experiences through exceptional digital services. From high-end brand and concept design – to hardcore software development, Reaktor’s 500-strong team works on “boss-level” projects for exciting clients like HBO, Michael Kors, Nasdaq, Panasonic, Samsung, Supercell and Finnair.

We are best-in-class designers, developers, digital innovators and IoT experts – crafting one-of-a-kind services for the media, retail, travel, mobile, and banking industries. We believe that first-class quality can only be achieved by tightly binding design and production together.

We are looking for like-minded people – people who are experts or aiming to become one in what they love to do. Whether it's tight-knit code or a design that's at the same time useful, innovative and just pure awesome. Or maybe you're an experienced digital business professional with boatloads of experience under your belt, looking for a band of experts with which to kick their team and clients into that coveted Next Level. We'll bring you a team to work in, game-changing projects and interesting world-class clients – you'll supply the awesomesauce. Together that's magic.

One of the best things about Reaktor is the high autonomy and freedom with which we operate. We never ship our employees off to random projects as “resources” -we consider them experts and treat them as such. At Reaktor, you will be a member of a close-knit community of professionals, picking your weapons of choice for the job and taking on meaningful projects. You have a say on how, where and when you work.

Although we take our work very seriously we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Reaktor’s DNA is different. We don’t run on bureaucracy or hierarchy. Instead, we invest our time in more fulfilling activities, like enjoying a nice craft beer together. Because of this culture, we also respect our colleagues’ time off and your vacation time will be guaranteed.

If you think you might be the person we’re looking for, go ahead and introduce yourself. Share your story and tell us what drives you. Details of any previous work, portfolios, open source projects and e.g. GitHub repositories are highly regarded. Click below and leave your application or e-mail us at! We guarantee to respond to each and every inquiry. Ja voit tietysti lähettää hakemuksesi yhtä hyvin myös suomeksi. Can't wait!