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Reaktor is a global technology company that constructs vivid, inspiring, and lasting experiences through exceptional digital services. Our clientele consists of a wide array of pioneering companies and industry leaders from world-class e-commerce to education, healthcare, and public sector services.

We are looking for like-minded people – people who are experts or aiming to become one in what they love to do. Whether it's tight-knit code or a design that's at the same time useful, innovative, and just pure awesome. Or maybe you're an experienced digital business professional with boatloads of experience under your belt, looking for a band of experts with which to kick their team and clients into that coveted Next Level. We'll bring you a team to work in, game-changing projects, and interesting world-class clients – you'll supply the awesomesauce. Together that's magic. 

If you think you might be the person we’re looking for, go ahead and introduce yourself via the form below. We guarantee to respond to every inquiry.  

To make the process as smooth and quick as possible, make sure that your application includes

  • A cover letter that tells your story. What have you done previously and what would you like to do at Reaktor? We’re also interested in hearing why you’d like to join Reaktor.
  • A CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile. 
  • Details of any previous work, portfolios, open-source projects, and e.g. GitHub repositories are also highly regarded.  

Voit tietysti lähettää hakemuksesi yhtä hyvin myös suomeksi. Can't wait!