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We are looking for a digital product professional with make it happen attitude to join our office in Dubai. As a make-it-happener, you can help to tackle all the aspects of the project to enable world class delivery for our customers.

You are above all a people person with can do attitude. Your experience at delivering agile projects enables you to wear multiple hats, and select the one that is most important at any point of time in the project.

At Reaktor, we constantly challenge ourselves and our clients to achieve the best possible outcome. You’ll get to work on meaningful projects and be a part of a unique community of passionate professionals. We’re all about setting you up to succeed.

What you’ll do

Help to take care of all aspects of project to make it success

As a make-it-happener, you will:

  • Have role as scrum master, product owner, account manager or coach, and most often mixture of the roles
  • Create an environment where everyone can do their best
  • Ensure that all necessary elements of the success are in place
  • Help the team and customer to seek for continuous improvements
  • Facilitate seamless communication between different stakeholders
  • Help to build the customer relationship into partnership
  • Remove the obstacles and ensure the high quality of work
  • Take care of team members and support good team dynamics

For us it is important that the projects we deliver, will help our customers to succeed. Your job is to enable that success.

What we’re looking for

Experienced professional to lead our hybrid teams to deliver world class digital products to our customers

You’re a great fit for this position if you have:

  • Experience in leading product or service development
  • Experience in agile methods and working within a development team
  • Ability to understand all the aspects of the project and software project life cycle
  • Knowledge and attitude to drive things forward to ensure that value will be produced and delivered, despite obstacles
  • Facilitation skills enabling you to facilitate planning sessions, workshops and retros, to name a few
  • Human skills and ability to take care of the wellbeing of team members
  • Experience on team work and organizing work

If you want to know if this is the right position for you, watch Elina describing her role.


Reaktor in brief

Reaktor is a hybrid partner for forward-thinking companies and organizations. We reimagine businesses, and design and build tomorrow’s digital products. Our full range of consultancy and agency services include expertise from high level business consultancy to hands-on service and product design and development, to branding and marketing.

We pride ourselves on a culture that is open, respectful and human. Reaktorians are a friendly, curious bunch – in addition to being some of the sharpest minds around. Doing what others consider unrealistic is our bread and butter.


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