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It’s happened before. Suddenly the JVM starts hogging memory like a thirsty consultant on a Thursday evening. At this rate it won’t take long before the instance comes tumbling down. As luck would have it, none of the end-users will be affected, though, and that’s all thanks to you. That autoscaling logic you put in place before you went to production takes care of spinning up another instance and all is peachy again. Time for a well-deserved hi-five with the workmates!

We’re looking for people like you. People who value cooperation and collaboration over siloed teams. People whose main goal is to ship working software to end users and focus on achieving real objectives for them. We believe that high-class code does not live in isolation, but it’s a part of a bigger living and breathing machine – focused on making our customers’ dreams come true.

And that’s why we think you should join us.

With us, you’ll be working with a crack team of experts each bringing their own talent to the table. We’ll pair you with programmers, designers, business experts and naturally the customer as well. Some of the things you should be well-versed in include ops tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Packer, CoreOS or platforms and concepts like AWS, Heroku, Google Compute Engine, virtualization and continuous integration and delivery. Naturally, your job will be made easier if you have a certain degree of command in programming languages – e.g. Python, Ruby, Java, Clojure, Javascript or similar.

If you think you could help your team with any of the above, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at We guarantee to respond to each and every inquiry. Ja voit tietysti lähettää hakemuksesi yhtä hyvin myös suomeksi. Can’t wait!

What we offer
  • Meaningful, high-impact projects in customer-centric digital services
  • Freedom and responsibility over your work
  • Smart, practical colleagues working in small multi-disciplinary teams
  • Competitive salary with good perks
  • Excellent work/life -balance
  • State-of-the-art working equipment you pick yourself. You can use Mac, Windows, Linux or whatever else you desire.
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