Lisbon Technology

Fearless Team Builder and Software Developer

We at Reaktor are known for changing how the world works. Owned by our employees and known for an award-winning culture and a Node.js running satellite, the next phase of our global story is about to begin – right here in Lisbon. We are looking for a skilled developer with unmatched team-building skills that wants to be a founding character in our Portuguese story.

From a five-person team to a global culture: How we got here

Ok, ok, before we get ahead of ourselves – here’s a brief history. Reaktor was born in Helsinki, Finland, when five developers joined forces to build themselves a workplace and a tech community like no other. That was eighteen years ago.

Now, we’re a 500-strong community of engineers, designers, strategists based in Helsinki, Amsterdam, New York City, Stockholm, Tokyo, Dubai…and soon, Lisbon. In the past two years we have, for example, trained over 2% of the Finnish population in the basics of AI, built a solution to compensate the carbon emissions of an entire music festival weekend, and made Fast Company’s list of Most Innovative Companies

Common sense approach to not-so-common problems is our superpower

Our actual business, where our €$¥ comes from, is consulting companies to whom new tech is a matter of life and death. In practice, this means working in teams of three to five Reaktorians and building elegant solutions to our clients’ most complex technology problems. Companies like Adidas, Air France-KLM, Heineken, and others trust our teams to design, develop, and launch their new services.

We’ll expect our Lisbon pioneers to:

  • Find, choose, and mentor their colleagues. 
  • Write beautiful code. We have no hard language or tech requirements – we know that good developers can create great things in any language.
  • Join us in Helsinki and Amsterdam for onboarding, planning, project work, and client meetings, according to your availability and desire to travel.
  • Be a team player, through and through, and shape the team by leading by example.
  • Have interest or experience in some of the following buzzwords: functional programming, state management, Node.js, Clojure, React, Swift, Kotlin, SQL and NoSQL, Kanban. 

Look. We know that for many engineers, just focusing on the code would be easier. However, what we are looking for is a person who likes to code, but is also interested in keeping in touch with clients, enjoys taking care of team members, and takes responsibility of things that no one else is into. 

Sound like that’s you? Here’s what happens when you hit Apply:

💻Brief video chat, just to say hi.

👋🏽Introduction to Reaktor. We call this the Culture and Attitude interview. Here’s Adam to tell you more about what to expect from our interviews.

😎 Technical interview. No brain teasers or sorting algos, we promise! You choose a couple of topics to discuss, we choose a couple of topics to discuss.

📃 Closing interview. We clarify our mutual expectations of our common future. Naturally, necessities like compensation and equipment will be taken care of in a manner that satisfies us both.

❤️ That’s it, welcome to the crew <3

So, dear future colleague: please apply, we’re waiting for your email at This is your chance to make something truly exceptional happen in Lisbon with us.