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Experienced mobile developer (iOS/Android)

We’re looking for an experienced and versatile mobile developer to join our office in Helsinki. As a mobile developer at Reaktor, you’ll help our clients to create digital services that make life better for millions of consumers every day – like visiting a doctor without leaving home or getting your shopping done on the go with just a tap of a button. Now we want you to join us in building these services.

You live and breathe modern mobile development. You want to be part of a team with other highly-motivated professionals and help our clients reach their full potential with mobile solutions.

At Reaktor, we constantly challenge ourselves and our clients to achieve the best possible outcome. You’ll get to work on meaningful projects and be a part of a unique community of passionate professionals. We’re all about setting you up to succeed.

What you’ll do

Build digital services that improve people’s lives

What the role entails:

  • Meaningful consumer projects. You’ll work on projects that aim to affect the everyday lives of millions of people
  • Multidisciplinary teams. We don’t have Apple/Android focused teams. Our mobile developers get to be part of hybrid teams with other dedicated professionals including developers, designers and business people
  • Fluid roles. When working in our multidisciplinary teams, you don’t have to be only a mobile developer – you’ll get to utilize your other skills as well
  • The freedom to impact how you work. All of our teams are autonomous, so you pick the tools and approach that you think will work best in any given situation
  • Constant learning and self-improvement. We do our part to advance our field and always look for ways to work better and smarter

What we’re looking for

A mobile developer who lives for modern mobile development

As a mobile developer, you:

  • Have a strong experience in native development on at least one mobile ecosystem (Apple/Android) as a whole but don’t want to chain yourself only to that one
  • Can develop for both major platforms (iOS, Android) either natively, or using crossplatform tools like Flutter or React Native
  • Have a good overall understanding of the wider landscape of modern mobile development and different programming paradigms (e.g. unit and e2e testing, CI/CD, object-oriented and functional programming, UX, analytics, REST/GraphQL APIs…)
  • Have a demonstrated ability to adopt new software engineering technologies and methods (e.g. side projects with different technologies indicates this nicely)
  • Don’t get scared if the project requires you to get familiar with e.g. web or backend development or something else outside your core competences

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