Helsinki Technology

Experienced mobile developer (iOS/Android)

Imagine some ordinary things in your everyday life. Things like catching a bus to work, shopping for groceries, listening to the radio, or occasionally traveling on an airplane.

Now, imagine all those things again, only this time with an extraordinary twist. Imagine them made effortless by digital services – made by you.

Arriving at the bus stop at exactly the optimal time. Getting your shopping done on the go with just a click of a button. Enjoying uninterrupted online entertainment on your flight, all the way to your destination.

To work at Reaktor is to create digital services that improve the lives of thousands of consumers every day. Life is short: join us in building these services.

What we want:

We are looking for an experienced mobile developer to work in our customer project teams, building native software for Apple and/or Android devices. Besides mobile phones and tablets, you will also be developing applications for Smart TVs and wearables such as Apple TV, Android TV, Apple Watch or Android Wear.

You should be fluent in at least one the following programming languages: Swift, Kotlin, Objective-C or Java. We expect you to have several apps in Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play. We consider an interest for backend development a bonus – and a great personality a must.

How we do our thing:

Our approach is to put together a team of specialists, each an expert in their own field, working in close relationship with the customer. We offer complete freedom to grow and contribute in all the areas you’re passionate about. You are not only allowed, but encouraged to learn new things and venture into new areas along the way – be it backend development, UX design or just meaner coding skills. Our mission is to give you the means and support that you need to unleash your expertise and build something that can transform an entire industry.

We offer full-time employment with competitive salary, outstanding work–life balance, great employee benefits and some of the most interesting customers in the Nordic countries and Europe.

Fill in your details below or send a quick note to us at! We also have open positions at our New York and Tokyo offices. Voit lähettää hakemuksesi meille myös suomeksi!