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Data is everywhere. It’s the list of groceries you bought yesterday or the aggregate flow of traffic across all the bridges in the city you live in. That call you just made to your mother lives on as a datapoint in your carrier’s database. Even the average distribution of sunshine on the roof of the building you live in is just that – data. All this data could be used to improve the lives of a lot of people, but most often it just ends up sitting on someone’s disk. And that’s where a good Data Engineer can help.

We’re looking for a Data Engineer to join the customer teams at our Helsinki office. Our consulting teams are independent and self-organizing, and they work very closely with our customers – most often on-site at their premises. In projects, you’ll be working in a team that consists of Reaktor’s data scientists, developers, UX and UI designers and other specialists, each of whom is an expert in their respective field. As our teams are self-organizing, expanding your role and taking on responsibility beyond the initial scope is encouraged. We’re here to learn as much from you as we hope you’ll from us.

Your main task is to build powerful processing pipelines and ensure that they run reliably and efficiently. Hadoop, Spark, Kafka and various SQL and noSQL databases are some of the tools that we’ve used before to do this, but you’re free to pick whatever you think works best. It also helps to know how cloud platforms, such as AWS (Redshift, Kinesis, Lambda, EMR etc.) or Google Cloud (Pubsub, DataFlow, Bigquery) work and how to automate them. Your team expects you to be able to work in various programming languages (e.g. Python, Javascript, Java) and/or shell scripting languages. As most of our clientele in Helsinki are Finnish companies, command of Finnish language is a definite plus.

Our goal is to make better use of all the data that’s being accumulated in the world. If you agree, we’d love to hear more of you! Apply now with the form below, or by e-mailing us at We’re happy to answer any questions you might have!

What we offer
  • Meaningful, high-impact projects in customer-centric digital services
  • Freedom and responsibility over your work
  • Smart, practical colleagues working in small multi-disciplinary teams
  • Competitive salary with good perks
  • Excellent work/life -balance
  • State-of-the-art working equipment you pick yourself. You can use Mac, Windows, Linux or whatever else you desire.
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