We have a job for you, as you are.

We are always looking for exceptional talent and friends to grow our global community.

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Welcome, friend. 👋

We are always looking for exceptional talent and friends.

Engineers, designers, strategists, scientists, business women (and men), writers, researchers, inventors, speakers, mathematicians, artists, coaches, makers, doers, thinkers, and dreamers.

Cultural fit is key for us, but the definition of it is as wide as the sky. We strive for diversity, because it equals strength.

Still, there are attributes we all share. If you value team work, a balance of freedom and responsibility, progressive thinking, considerable ambition, and bad jokes, we should talk.

Be you.

We employ whole people, not work personalities. You will have the power to shape your role and the work to fit like a glove. And you’ll be surrounded by other whole people.

Be challenged.

We tackle the most exciting and complex problems out there. Your job is to solve them in meaningful, future-forward ways, with a team of some of the sharpest minds around.

Be well.

Our Nordic heritage translates to an approach of people first, people second, people third – that means reasonable hours, holidays, parental leave, pay, and the support you need, everywhere in the world.

Be together.

In addition to team work, we play, learn, share, travel, and eat together, too. Weekly dinners, bi-annual trips, passion projects, and random fun. (No pressure though. Introvert moments are inherently Nordic, too.)

You are the company you keep

As a company we are in the business of changing how the world works and that means we can also shape it for the better. Our people have, as part of their daily work, envisioned new, groundbreaking ideas for everything from free public AI education to the world’s first coding championships. These projects all started with the employees themselves. At the core of the work are values like sustainability, diversity, and accountability – all of which we hold dear.

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