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Account Director

Jaime Pedersen

There are two key components of a successful yoga practice.

The first: Is having a studio and community where you feel safe. Safe to explore, try new things, test yourself, fall over and get back up, and laugh at the madness.

The second: Is having accountability to yourself to show up, encourage yourself to stretch further than you thought you could, in mind, spirit and body.

This is an examination of how Reaktor mirrors that experience in a work place scenario.

Starting at Reaktor, I was told a lot of interesting things about the freedom I would have to make of my career and experience with the company.

“Bring what you want to the job to make it work for you and your projects”, and
“No one is your boss” were among the biggies.

Astonished at the level of trust and autonomy I was being given right from the start, I was also a little scared. My success, whatever I want that to look like, is up to me. There is no pre-defined roadmap.

But in all of that, I feel safe. I’m not alone in this. I have a whole room, office, community full of people willing to help me. I have felt vulnerable many times – but I’ve never been afraid to show it, learn, and grow from it.

In yoga, each day I show up to the mat, think about what I want to do, and hone in on that. It’s wonderful to learn a new pose. But most fulfilling are the things that rise to the surface along the way. I may be working my way to a kick ass headstand (and falling over in the process), but I’m also developing the strength and skills to hold a better and more therapeutic shoulder stand. Maybe that wasn’t part or the original goal, but I’ve expanded my skill set, and those muscles that I hadn’t even been thinking about are going to help me grow even more. It’s organic. It all fits together, and makes for a stronger and more complete practice.

In this environment, I’m learning and expanding on a whole host of skills. Things that I already thought were solid, or in some cases, things I didn’t even know I wanted to work on. Lately I’ve been pushing and struggling through becoming a better communicator (with everyone!). It hasn’t been easy every day; I’ve had to practice, fall over, get up – and repeat. But what I value most is that throughout I’ve known i’m in a place where it’s encouraged to learn and experiment with new techniques. What I’ve learned is helping make things go more smoothly.It’s been rewarding. And, I can see that that is helping me be a better account director – something that wasn’t the primary goal, but I’m happy to have found.

Every day I am happy to come to work. Happy to own my place here. Reaktor is, to me, a mirrored experience to my practice, but in the workplace. How lucky am I?