Business development & internal roles at Reaktor

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Dive deeper, or broaden out in your work

Changing how the world works requires a motley crew – professionals from arts and sciences whose multidisciplinary work produces truly disruptive results. Appropriately, then, at Reaktor, our back office is often also the frontline of our new ideas and services. Our internal crew employs legal officers, account managers, business development professionals, finance officers, HR specialists, marketing and communications professionals, animators, client directors, coaches, and more. Some of us work in customer-facing roles, like coaches and account managers, whereas others make sure our business and internal processes run as smoothly as possible. It takes a diverse group of talents to keep Reaktor a special workplace, so rightly then we’re constantly expanding our competencies. 

Unlike with developers and designers, we don’t have continuous recruitment of new members to our teams at our business development and other internal roles. Yet, we are more than happy to receive open applications that we read weekly, which often leads to us contacting promising prospects. So please, send us a heartfelt letter if you see yourself having a role in our ranks.

At Reaktor, your path is yours to chart. Find your identity as a professional, or reaffirm it; broaden out, dive deeper, or find something entirely new. And importantly, you are never alone. We encourage peer-led self-reflection, and our mentors help you to find the most purposeful direction for professional and personal growth. 


Your clients and projects

We’ve been developing qualities and capabilities for adapting, reacting, and supporting change in organizations and societies for two decades. With us, you’ll have opportunities to grow and broaden your expertise by working with industry leaders from visionary e-commerce to education, airlines to financial services, healthcare, and the public sector in projects that change the world.

In your daily work, you could be working at sales or as a coach for leading companies in their respective fields, scout, interview, and onboard our future talents as part of our HR or talent growth teams, or use your creative vision to make stunning campaigns and also strengthen Reaktor’s own brand as a member of our communications and marketing teams. Alternatively, you could be part of some other team making Reaktor special. 

What would you like to do?

At Reaktor, the path you take is not set in stone. Quite the contrary, we support applicants and Reaktorians to develop all of their skills, break new ground for their personal growth, and strengthen our capabilities. Thinking big is not only allowed – we highly encourage it for you.

Working at Reaktor

We are a strategy, design, and technology partner for forward-thinking companies and societies. Our unmatched execution capability is founded in superior technological skills and strong maker culture. If you want to know more about our way of working and culture, read more in the link below.

Our cases

At Reaktor, we work on strategically critical projects at the core of our clients' businesses and our society. As a partner, we create products and services and help you navigate the complex landscape of modern business.

From your future colleagues

We are 550+ and are always looking for exceptional talent and friends to grow our global community. Our cooperative, supportive and friendly community and the culture it creates is the most important asset we have. Have a read and see what your possible future colleagues think about us and the work we do.