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Reaktor’s interactive media work on HBO’s Westworld wins big at the Emmys, second year in a row

September 10, 2018

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HBO’s Westworld won the “Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media Within A Scripted Program” Award at the Creative Emmys in Los Angeles, California, this weekend.

The major industry recognition is not the first for Reaktor and HBO’s work on the interactive elements for the show: Westworld won the same award in the same category just last year, meaning Reaktor and HBO are now on a two-year winning streak at the Emmys.

Other nominees in the Interactive Media category, this year and the year earlier, included VR experiences for Netflix’s Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why as well as interactive extensions to popular animation shows like Rick and Morty and The Simpsons.

Westworld is a unique TV program in that it is a Western show with a science fiction premise: The show centers on a high-tech future amusement park of the same name “hosted” by androids.

During the first season of Westworld, fans were able to visit the website and act as though they were part of the amusement park, booking their stay in Westworld and browsing its attractions. They were also able to converse on the site with a constantly-updating chatbot by the name of Aeden, who, when properly gamed, could even hand out the occasional spoiler.

In season two, sites we built together with HBO at and elevate the alternative worlds of the show to parallel our own reality. To further flesh out the breadth of experiences, sites that share the vision of Delos Incorporated (parent company of Westworld, and all other worlds), were set up to tease out what the future may hold.

The “Chaos Takes Control” Interactive Experience that was the winner of this year’s Emmy however marked the re-haul of the original website for the show’s second season. What we did was take the original site and present it as though it had been taken over by the hosts of the Westworld amusement park, androids who now wanted revenge.

Revealing the update of the website well before the release of the first episode allowed HBO to set the tone for the entire second season and build significant buzz before the initial airing date.

This is Emmy-worthy television in the 21st century: Immersive, riveting, and interactive 360 experiences that extend well beyond the TV show. At Reaktor, we’re unmatched in our execution of these parallel worlds.

To see all that Delos has to offer, visit:

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