Why is Reaktor owned by its staff?

March 4, 2016

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A few weeks ago, Hannu wrote about how Reaktor grew without hierarchy. Now, everyone at Reaktor can benefit from this growth in a new way. At the turn of the year, we issued shares to all our employees, and in this text I will explain our choice of making Reaktor a personnel-owned company.

Staying in control

We are accountable for our operations only to ourselves and to our customers, not to capital investors. This frees us from the pursuit of short-term success and allows us to make long-term decisions. We can choose for ourselves how to develop our company and hold on to our high-quality standards. When we don’t have to focus on maximizing our return on investment one quarter at a time, we can develop our operations over a longer time span.

The time frame we use in the optimization of our business can be up to 200 years!

We do not pay by performance, not even to our sales personnel. If the company is profitable enough, each employee will receive the same amount of incentive bonus. This might sound funny, but in fact, it motivates everyone to strive for long-term and successful cooperation between the customer and our team. Here is Sami’s insightful post about the topic.

We are all owners

Job satisfaction is already excellent among Reaktor employees. We are privileged to work with the top customers on three continents. This is not an easy job, which is probably why it feels so motivating.

However, even good things can always be improved. Several employees have expressed their wish of making their job feel even more meaningful. They are not primarily in it for the money, but they want to own a piece of Reaktor. At the turn of the year, we made these wishes come true with our employee issue that covered almost our entire personnel and received an exceptionally warm welcome. This shows that our employees have strong faith in Reaktor’s future.

We believe that giving everyone a chance to own a part of Reaktor will encourage them to make responsible decisions.

As a Reaktor shareholder, I feel even more committed to the company in my daily work. The idea of working for a company that I partly own is very motivating. Who wouldn’t want to make a company they own a piece of successful? The increased motivation is more important to me than getting my money back one day—hopefully with a good return.

Marju, UX Designer

More owners wanted

Our story as a company and as a community has barely begun. A few years ago, we operated mainly in Finland. At the moment, over 50% of our growth in net sales is outside Finland. Next, we will go into outer space, and after that, who knows where?

If this sounds like just the thing for you, apply now. New Reaktor employees who begin their employment by the end of March 2016, will have the chance to be part of the first employee issue.

If the time is not right for you, don’t worry. There will be plenty of new opportunities at Reaktor later on.

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