Why I love programming

August 14, 2015

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At the moment, I would rather be programming than writing this blog post.

It’s my passion. I simply love it. But why? Why is programming so much fun?

I like to create stuff. Unfortunately, I can’t play an instrument, compose symphonies, sing beautifully, paint spectacular paintings or sculpt glorious sculptures. But, when I am behind my screen coding, I get this overwhelming feeling of doing some kind of magic. “You’re a wizard, Mika”, I hear.

It’s the sheer joy of creating new things out of nowhere. Okay, “things” are probably not coming out of nowhere, but that’s how it feels. In the beginning, there’s only an idea and an empty text editor. In the end, there’s a computer software that does amazing stuff.

I get bored easily, I don’t like doing the same things twice. It’s impossible to get bored, because the world of computer science is changing all the time. Getting the chance to learn and be amazed by a new technology, language, design pattern or framework is a feeling I get multiple times a year. Programming is very versatile – you have to see the big picture, understand what the customer needs, how people behave and how business, technology and the world work. At the same time, you need to be extremely precise, as one semicolon may destroy everything.

No matter who you are, you most probably get happy when you achieve something. Coding is full of that feeling. It’s about dividing big problem into small sub-problems or tasks and solving them one by one. I love solving problems and the sense of accomplishment. It’s a everyday joy for me. And I have noticed that my colleagues also spontaneously cheer aloud when they solve a problem – or swear even louder when they don’t. Coding evokes strong emotions.

I’m gonna go code now.

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