Videoly joins Polte: video reviews where you want them

October 16, 2014

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A new Polte company fresh out the oven! Videoly is the new service of Quch Labs Oy that provides an easy way to plug video reviews to online stores. Sergey Andryukhin, the CEO of the company, likes to picture the change in the world of online shopping: in the future, all products might be introduced with video reviews.

“Videoly began to take shape last October. Our team now includes three people: Natalia Angapova, Konstantin Zagaynov and myself. We first met up with Polte in July, and here we are now.

Our service searches for product review videos on YouTube and posts them on customers’ online shops. This way, potential buyers can easily check out how the product functions in use before buying it. The reviews can be professionally made videos by bloggers, official marketing material from the vendor or more amateur recordings by real consumers. To ensure that the videos that get posted on the online stores are relevant, we review them manually.  For the e-commerce site, the important thing is to have the reviews right there on the product page. Instead of bouncing off to other sites for more informations, customers stay on the page and convert to buyers. The increased time-on-site doesn’t hurt your page rank either.

We’re constantly improving both our product and our way of work. We’ve just graduated from Berlin Startup Academy, and now Videoly got invited to participate in Pioneers festival in Austria as the only Scandinavian startup.

Even though we concentrate on taking on the market one small success at a time, I like to play with the idea of a bigger picture. How would the perception of online stores and consumption in general change if all products available had video reviews? We connect online stores with video reviews and video reviews and viewers – there are big markets on both sides.”

From the first meeting with Sergey and his team, I’ve been impressed by their attention to detail and analytical approach. I just love to see a kick-ass programmer as CEO. Combining that to the energetic business development in Berlin and a design sensibility for product management makes these ex-colleagues a really balanced team.

We will be seeing a lot more of this “feature-as-a-service” business model in the cloud. Global electronic retail is an inevitable growth machine and Videoly provides uniquely valuable piece into it. As volumes grow, more and more possibilities of big data, machine learning and predictive analytics can be incorporated. And this team is just waiting to get to those hard parts.

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