UI tutorial in NordiCHI’14 – Join us in October!

September 9, 2014

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On Sunday, October 26th, a team of reaktorian UI designers will give a design tutorial in NordiCHI’14. Our tutorial is about UI design in agile projects.

Have you ever wondered how any or all of these things work:

  • How can I communicate my design to the developers?
  • How do I ensure that my well-designed UI is implemented the way I meant it to be?
  • How can I support the people implementing my designs?
  • How can I (as a designer) be a part of an agile team?
  • What challenges are there with design in agile projects?
  • How do I integrate my work into an iteration cycle of days or 1-2 weeks?
  • How do I avoid being regarded as someone doing just doing BDUFs (Big Designs Up-Front)?

At Reaktor, we have mixed UI design and agile methods in all of our projects for almost ten years. We’ve tried all kinds of approaches – some of them worked, some didn’t, some practices we found useful, some were just a waste of time.

We’ll share the most interesting ones of our findings in our tutorial and talk about the method of designing UIs at Reaktor: the method that has worked well for us.

Getting top quality designs into production is not an easy task. By sharing our experiences and practices we hope that other designers can put these practices to use and improve them further.

The early bird registration to NordiCHI’14 is open until Thursday 18th September, so be quick and get your ticket now!

Welcome to the tutorial!

– Mikko, Karri & Tuomas




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