Tidy Tools team wins the Reaktor App Challenge grand prize: Trip to Silicon Valley hosted by Google

April 25, 2014

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This blogpost was written by one of the teams participating in Reaktor App Challenge.

Our mind-boggling puzzle game Tidy Tools was selected as winner of the Reaktor App Challenge! The announcement was made in the grand final gala, held in Berlin on Sunday the 13th of April. Out of our five-person development team (Mari Halla-aho, Tuomas Huhtanen, Aapo Kojo, Mikko Multanen and Tuomas Nikkinen) Mari, Tuomas H. and Aapo were present in the gala to receive the grand prize of the challenge – a trip to our entire team to Silicon Valley, hosted by Google. Yay!

“Really? This is supercool!”, was the first reaction of Tuomas N., the musician of our team, who was reached from Tokyo to hear the news. We are stunned by how well the game was received by the general public. We’ve spent various long nights developing the game on our free time, and it’s absolutely ecstatic to see the effort pay off.

During the past few weeks the focus has been on creating various zero-budget marketing campaigns on Google and Facebook. In less than one month the game had already gained over 8000 downloads on Google Play from all around the world. We’ve got over 200 reviews, with an average rating of four stars! In addition to the large number of downloads, the game was also voted as the public’s favorite in the App Challenge. We’ve humbled to see such awe from our fellow competitors!

Once the download numbers started growing during the challenge, we got cautiously excited about the possibility of winning the competition. Our excitement only grew as the final gala approached: “Download number is still just one criterium for the grand prize and there are plenty of great apps in the challenge – so nothing is certain yet”, commented Mari, the Graphic Designer of our team. Only a moment later, Tidy Tools was announced as the winner and the trophy was handed to us. We have all now returned back to Helsinki and are finally starting to realize the fact: “We are going to California!”

Tidy Tools is available for Android and can be downloaded from Google Play for free.

– Mari, Tuomas x2, Aapo and Mikko

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