Summer internship: Australian edition

June 9, 2014

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A big welcome to the 2014 Summer Internship blog. My name is Rebecca and I’m an Australian graphic designer who recently moved to Helsinki Finland. Although bilingual, I thought it might be nice to fill the english void and give everybody a chance to connect with us Reaktorian’s this summer. Our background’s certainly vary and I’m glad you’ll get to hear about it throughout our time here.

Now it was through a real stroke of luck that I heard about the summer career openings at Reaktor earlier this year. Having lived so far away my entire life (in tropical Brisbane, Queensland) the Helsinki design/business scene is relatively new to me. Nevertheless, I applied for a visual designer position and am very grateful I was given the opportunity to join the Reaktor team this summer. If the first few weeks are any impression of what is to follow, I’m in for a really good ride.

Working on out platform development...

In my first month I’ve been introduced into a world of data science, web analysis, scheduling systems (Kanban), digital business technology, development operations and most importantly, how to combine these with efficient visual communication. This might sound a little intense, but it’s really just a chance to engage in new concepts and methods, which no doubt are going to shape my practices as a designer, for the better.

Now, it’s not ‘all work, no play’ here at Reaktor. In fact, the HQ’s are situated on Mannerheimintie (which is smack bang in the middle of the city centre and a hop, skip and jump from the beautiful Esplanade). Now that the weather is starting to warm up you’ll find Finns (and tourists) enjoying the sunshine on the open terraces and parks nearby. I’ve been exploring (with other summer interns) while keeping a keen eye out for my own little treasures – most importantly smoothie and fresh juice locations. Yesterday I spent my afternoon sitting in the park drinking a green smoothie, and today I had lunch with my mentor, Julia Kuisma. There really is so much around us, which is within walking distance, so I don’t think running out of places to eat will ever be an issue.

Enjoying the sun in the Esplanade Park with a green smoothie.

There is also an opportunity to learn how to make proper espresso based coffee within the office. As you can see, there is definitely room for improvement in my corner, ha-ha. Mind you, those were days apart!

Coffee Attempts, Team Australia

Here’s to more beautiful, sunny moments (and better coffee, one lesson at a time)…


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