Street fashion goes mile high: the new Makia collection is available on Finnair’s A350 aircrafts

February 16, 2016

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Street fashion brand Makia, who came out with a new collection in January, is joining forces with Reaktor and Finnair. Passengers onboard Finnair’s new A350 aircrafts can now shop for Makia clothes using the Nordic Sky WiFi Portal, designed by Reaktor.

Street fashion brand Makia rolled out a new visual identity, collection and online store in the beginning of January. From mid-February, the highlights of the collection are part of the inflight shopping selection on Finnair’s new A350 aircrafts.

The Nordic Sky WiFi Portal is available to all passengers onboard the A350s, in addition to the other entertainment systems. You can access it with your own device to purchase an internet connection, shop tax free, get acquainted with the destination city, order a taxi to the airport, book day trips and activities, read news by Yle (the Finnish Broadcasting Company), and browse the Blue Wings magazine. And, now, you can check out Makia’s 2016 spring collection and purchase the pieces you like.

Reaktor | Makia | Finnair

From the passenger’s perspective, the Makia Shop is just like a modern online store. The product images and information are laid out on a responsive website that can be updated in real-time. Data on customer behavior is collected for analysis to improve the experience.

An online store with a distinctive technological execution

Makia Shop runs on the same inflight server onboard the plane that hosts the Nordic Sky website, browsable on the passengers’ devices. This server communicates with a ground server to receive changes in product information.

While in pilot stage, credit card and Paypal payments are processed through the Makia online store, since the business model is still being tested and investing in a PCI standard payment system doesn’t make sense yet. From a technical standpoint, this straightforward solution requires granted access to certain web resources from the plane, even if the user hasn’t purchased the separate internet connection. Additionally, situations where the internet connection provided by satellite is not available, due to weather conditions or air traffic regulations, must also be taken into account.

The functionality was designed and produced from scratch during January. The usage of Nordic Sky and the Makia Shop is constantly monitored with the help of analytics. Data is categorized according to flight route, product and time of activity, to find out what content and products have the greatest appeal.

This is standard procedure in the online retail industry, but represents a significant step forward in airline commerce. Up until now, changes have happened slowly, customization options have been virtually non-existent and conversion optimization has been difficult.

Makia’s spring collection is up on, and during this week you can get a 10% discount – on the site as well as the inflight Makia Shop – with the code “reaktorA350”.

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