Starting work at our company is scary. And it should be.

January 14, 2014

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When a new person starts work at Reaktor they’re often puzzled. If coming from a traditionally run company many of the structures they’re used to are missing. We don’t have a hierarchy, there are no budgets or performance targets and we don’t have a bonus system. It can be difficult to grasp how decisions are made since there are no strict roles or responsibilities. It’s all a haze.

Sometimes new people are distressed by this ambiguity. Switching jobs is scary enough and the uncertainty you face at Reaktor doesn’t help.

Why is work at Reaktor so ambiguous? Let’s look at the world around us. 21st century business is a haze. It’s unpredictable and vague. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for success. Uncertainty is inherent. You don’t really know what works until it already did. You have to sense and respond. You have to adapt.

Traditional companies create an illusion of certainty with budgets, targets, roles and responsibilities. It’s a way of protecting people from a world fraught with uncertainty. While it may be comforting, it is still an illusion.

It is better to help people learn to deal with uncertainty than to create an illusion of certainty.

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