Slush 2014 day two: Helsinki gets Uber, Enbrite pitches for 500k and people keep on launching tablets

November 19, 2014

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It is time for our second and final Slush wrap-up for the year.

Cheers to Supercell for organizing the after party the previous night. On Tuesday morning and midday hours, the resulting atmosphere still rocked all the senses. But the energy flow of Slush got us all back on our feet in no time.

So here we go again – the most interesting picks from the second day of Slush 14.


Pitching to the top –

Congratulations to Enbrite for winning the highly anticipated Slush 100 pitching contest!

The investing angels even decided to double the price awarding the Enbrite team with a funding cake of half a million schmakaroos!

The Slush days are taking their toll here at Reaktor Daily, so forgive the copypasta from RePack’s website:

“RePack is a sustainable packaging system for online retailers and shoppers whereby delivery packages can be conveniently and easily returned, and then re-used.”

The gang’s pitch was simply great, yet I can’t help the feeling that I’m not alone with my view that CosmEthics was something of a crowd’s favorite before the vote.

Anyways, visit to learn more!

Mad respect to all the other finalists as well: CodementorIO, CosmEthics and RePack. Don’t know who they are? Start googling!

A sincere Slush 100 sidenote: where were all the female participants of the competitions? Some stranger on Twitter told me the women’s participating percent was around seven. Surely all of us expect and hope that figure to grow next year.


Uber uber alles!

The biggest Wednesday launch-to-be, as far as the Finnish media was concerned anyways, was the news of Uber finally landing to Finland.

Just in time for the infamous Finnish Christmas party season, Uber has finally landed in Helsinki.

The “disruptive” p2p ridesharing company has gained a lot of resistance abroad – and not only among the more traditional cab drivers and their unions.

On top of that, the company’s employer and PR strategy could use a serious hand.

So can I order an Uber to take me home now? Apparenty not yet. 


Jolla – The next in the tablet line

Oh great, another tablet.

Just kidding. The speech by Jolla’s Marc Dillon, with all the tolkienesque alliance rethoric, got quite inspiring really. The device’s true potential remains to be seen.

The Verge has more. participated in the pitching contest but, this time, missed the highest glory.

But make no mistake,’s concept gives long distance brainstorming within and between teams a whole new twist. And it’s not simply about moving virtual Post-ITs via Skype. 

You should definitely read more!

Niko from Sportsetter, moi!
Niko from Sportsetter, moi!

Sportsetter – The Spotify of excercise

This Reaktor-fueled company deserves extra credit for its refreshing Slush presence. Geared with sweatbands, on-brand orange merchandise and the best booth video in Messuhalli – hands down!- the subscription-based excercise service is in good, sweaty hands.


What do you think of our picks? Let us know in the comments, on social media and so forth.

All in all, we hope you enjoyed Slush 14 as much as we did. For Reaktor at Slush 14, it is over and out. See you next year!

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