Slush 2014 day one: Nokia’s questioned game-changer, cocaine and instant food

November 18, 2014

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The merry commotion of the first actual Slush day is slowly starting to set as the crew rolls in to build space for the afterparty of day one.

The hashtags, mentions and comments around Slush tend to create something of a clutter. While this is only a happy thing, we here at Reaktor have decided to put together a small wrap-up of cool stuff we bumped into this hectic, yet oh-so exciting, Tuesday.

So, without further ado, here are our featured picks from the event’s first day. Enjoy!


Nokia N1 – A new dawn or a dying giant’s last gasp for air?

Did you see this coming? Nokia has finally gone all Android with its latest tablet, the Nokia N1. The new device is powered by something called the Nokia Z Launcher, a home screen advertised as nothing short of revolutionary.

And everyone disagrees with each other.

My brief discussions with people around the Slush Silver Stage consisted of everything from indifferent eye-rolling accompanied by arrogant puffing sounds to unbiased (that’s what they said!) optimism towards Nokia’s “new beginning”.

Someone mentioned plagiarism.

Maybe a bit unsurprisingly, the biggest oOOOOoooo by the audience was heard when Sebastian Nyström, the Nokia Head of Products, presented the tablet’s price tag which currently rocks an affordable sum of 249 US dollars (in China).

Didn’t get a chance to play around with the device? Worry not, you can still check the Nokia N1 out at the manufacturer’s area in Slush on Wednesday.

Seriously, this is not a stock photo.
Seriously, this is not a stock photo.

FourChords – So about that cocaine joke

While this post is about sharing all things beautiful from Slush in the name of neutral reporting, we simply can’t bring ourselves to skip the very startups busting their butts off at the Reaktor Biz Bus.

And yes, there was a total click bait in the blog post’s title. Obviously, we are talking about the song Cocaine, you dofus. The 1976 JJ Cale hit which I must have heard at least 10 times today. All thanks to the Reaktor Polte -fueled Musopia and their tremendous FourChords guitar karaoke app whose demo set gathered an excited line of guitar players – from total pros to beginners – around the big screen filled with happy visuals of chord progressions and lyrics with a back-up track blazing on the speakers.

Just take a look at it for yourself.

Joining us at Slush and feeling like letting your inner Van Morrison or Steve Vai go crazy? Don’t be shy, come and greet the band at Reaktor Biz Bus, just by the Yellow Stage.

Man, all this rocking makes you hungry doesn’t it?

Sure, you can bring your guitar to the party.

Wolt – Fast food with even faster checks

Co-founded by the Slush CEO Miki Kuusi – who is now to step aside as the startup event’s main mischief – Wolt is a mobile payment application promising super quick restaurant orders accompanied by mobile payments.

The sheer size of Wolt’s funding has already made Finnish startup history and the application is preparing to launch in Helsinki in the beginning of 2015. Of course so much remains to be seen but, right now, just the idea of having a (paid) meal waiting for your entourage at a given bistro sounds fantastic.

Read the article on Wolt and the changes in Slush’s management by Helsingin Sanomat here (Finnish only, sorry!)


What do you think of our Slush picks from Tuesday? Did we miss out on something crucial? What should we definitely check out come Wednesday? Let us know in comments, social media or by coming to Slush and greet us at Reaktor Biz Bus next to the Yellow Stage!

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