Reaktor Ventures, a year and a good deal of new companies later

July 21, 2016

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It’s been a while since we’ve last updated what is going on with Reaktor Ventures. The Ventures Clan, as we like to call our portfolio, has now grown to consist of 29 companies.

Within the past 12 months, Reaktor Ventures has invested in new companies on a monthly basis. We’re excited to have been able to welcome i.e. Armada Interactive, Sólfar Studios, Blooming, Univrses, Túlka, and Epic Foods to the Ventures Clan. We love good software, and these companies truly know how to build some.

In addition to the portfolio, the Reaktor Ventures team has grown as well. After Ville Vesterinen joined the team last year as an entrepreneur-in-residence, Rudi Skogman as Principal and myself as Operations Manager, the team has now doubled in size. This means that we’re capable of serving our current portfolio companies better than ever, as well as looking for new investments more efficiently.

This year we’ve been directing our gazes abroad, as we’ve toured the world in search of great early-stage companies. We’re still especially interested in companies hailing from Northern Europe, but obviously will not close our eyes if we run into a great venture from another part of the world.


I asked Rudi to tell me what he has learned so far with Ventures.

“In the past eight months that I have worked at Reaktor Ventures I’ve learned a lot about how investments actually happen, where the startup scene is moving at the moment and what are the areas that we should keep an eye on,” he answered.

“The fact that virtual and augmented reality are coming can’t be denied. It’s really good to be a part of the constantly growing scene by having invested in Solfár Studios, creators of one of the world’s most astonishing VR demos, and Univrses, which is solving one of the biggest existing problems in mobile VR – positional tracking.

I’m personally also very interested in AI, blockchain and fintech, and have already met several interesting companies that work in these fields. However, I feel that these industries are still fairly unexplored, and I’m confident that there is a lot more to be attained in the fields.”

So – if you’re building a company that is exploring the unexplored, send us an email or come say hi if you happen to run into us somewhere around the world.


A small reminder of what we’re all about: Reaktor Ventures was originally founded with the idea that it offers both startups and Reaktorians a unique benefit, working together to learn and evolve. We offer the skills of Reaktor’s 400 professionals for our portfolio companies for free.

This means that the startups get a big pool of talent to help them out when needed, and Reaktor’s professionals get to share their expertise and see its effects instantly. It is a chance that practically all of our startups use frequently, whether it’s about creating a new design for their product or building a mobile app from scratch.

Even though we heavily focus on helping out our current portfolio, we also love to aid the whole startup ecosystem wherever we can: this summer we’ve been actively involved in Summer of Startups, a 9-week-long program organized by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society.

In addition to getting help from Reaktorians, our startups are and have always been there for each other as well. The Ventures Clan is a strong community of companies that help each other whenever help is needed. We aim to bring the companies closer together by organizing events for the Clan regularly – no matter if it’s a summit focused on a specific topic or informal after works, they seem to enjoy meeting each other and discussing their challenges, wins and latest startup gossip. What else can we wish for?

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