Reaktor Polte invests in video calling service Tellybean

Tellybean brings easy-to-use video calling to every TV, at the center of family homes. Grandparents can call their grandchildren to check up before the school day starts.

Video call services have been available to consumers for a decade. To this day, using them has not been intuitive enough to motivate grandparents to try. Video calling is commonplace only in technically advanced audiences.

Tellybean is out to fix this. They are bringing to market an affordable, simple to use service that upgrades any television to a video phone. Welcome back the good old home phone.

Reaktor POLTE leads the investment round in which Tellybean raises 1.4 million euros. A major portion of the round comes from Tekes. The other private investor is Dreadnought Finance. International release of the service is scheduled before end of this year.

“My mother sporadically makes video calls to my brother’s family in Switzerland to stay in touch with her grandchildren. If video calling was anywhere near as usable as it ought to be, she would routinely call my daughter from Töölö to Punavuori. What’s needed is a picture in lifelike scale and vibrant colors, a comfortable setting and zero technical complexity. The key to that experience is in every living room: the good old telly.

We were persuaded to invest by Tellybeans strong team and advisors, the international potential of the service concept as well as their technological edge.”

Oskari Kettunen, the skipper at Reaktor POLTE

“Our ability to deliver a magical experience to users has been super-charged through our co-operation with Polte. Polte’s high-level knowledge combined with Reaktor’s hands-on expertise will take Tellybean to the next-level in terms of our development culture, software quality and timeliness”

Phil Lindberg, Tellybean’s CEO

Further information

Oskari Kettunen, Reaktor POLTE, Tel. 040 523
Phillip Lindberg, CEO, Tellybean, Tel. 050 486


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Tellybean makes simple video calling available to everyone.

Tellybean is driven by an understanding that modern life separates families and close friends. Whilst there are many ways to stay connected when apart, the cost and complexity of existing services excludes many people from enjoying the benefits of a true lifelike face to face conversation.

Tellybean delivers lifelike video-calling though any TV. The company has a special focus on late-adopting consumers.

The Tellybean solution primarily addresses the cost, complexity and accessibility barriers with a simple managed service. More information

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