Reaktor opens a new office in Portugal

The city of Lisbon, Portgual on a summer evening pictured from above. Reaktor logo in the middle of the city.
September 28, 2021

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A new Reaktor office has opened its doors in Lisbon, Portugal, the city dubbed Europe’s fastest-growing tech ecosystem. Serving as an important link between the United States and Europe, Reaktor Lisbon is to host the next big talent community within the global Reaktor ecosystem. 

While Shanghai, Amsterdam, or New York may well be where your mind goes at the mention of global tech hotspots, a new contender for the title is emerging on both the European and global stages. The Portuguese capital of Lisbon is currently one of Europe’s fastest-growing tech ecosystems, and also home to the newest addition to Reaktor’s offices.

With an ambitious and talented tech community, easy access to both Central Europe and the United States, and a competitive international business scene, Lisbon was the natural choice of location for the next chapter of Reaktor’s story. 

“The proximity of great surf spots, lavish Manueline-style skyline, and availability of fresh pastel de natas is just a happy coincidence”, jokes Nizar Jouini, Head of Engineering at Reaktor Lisbon.

“In all seriousness, I would go as far as to say that the quality of talent here in Lisbon is astounding. We see tremendous potential in the tech scene here, and are willing to invest in it; our vision is to make Reaktor Lisbon a key catalyst in growing our technological capabilities across the board”, continues Jouini.

A talented, content community of experts, available to a truly global clientele

No matter the office location, Reaktor is in the business of making its clients succeed in their digital ventures. Jouini believes that the most important and impactful projects of the future will be carried out by teams across locations.

“Our business is global, not country-specific, so our offices and people need to be, too. In a sense, the pandemic forced us to mature in our thinking here: building remote teams, finding new ways of working, and making best possible use of talent across the globe became unavoidable”, says Jouini.

Following the Portuguese government’s pro-startup strategy first defined in 2016, Jouini believes that both the metaphorical and literal stock of the cozy Portuguese capital continues to remain on the rise.

“Here, I’d like to stress that business opportunities are not the only thing we look for. Our business is our people, so prioritizing future Reaktorians’ standard of living is vitally important to us. In terms of internationality, accessibility, and level of ambition, Lisbon ticks all the boxes,” continues Jouini.  

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How we set out to build the next node in Europe’s best tech community

Get all the details of Reaktor’s Lisbon operation here, and check out our open positions in Portugal!

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