Reaktor goes Tokyo

December 18, 2013

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At the beginning of December, we extended our reach to Asia. I’m writing this from our new branch office in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Large international corporations have been Reaktor’s customers for several years. We have worked with clients in Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. For example, we’ve been involved in the automotive industry in Japan, especially through our memberships in both the Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup and Tizen Association. This, however, is the first time we have actual local presence here.

We are starting modest and looking for opportunities for expansion. At the moment we’re offering hands-on technical consultation as well as agile training services. I moved here two weeks ago, and to be able to work in Japanese, we have local partners who speak the language fluently. Keeping our finger on the pulse of the world’s largest metropolitan area is an exciting opportunity for us.

What is the first thing to do after setting up the office, then? Well, obviously spreading the joy of Hello World is high on the list!

If you are in Tokyo and want to be in contact with us, please email me directly at Japan, we are looking forward to having a good and prosperous relationship with you.

Reaktor Japan – In English

リアクタージャパン – In Japanese

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