Reaktor App Challenge – who’s ready to go to California?

March 27, 2014

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This spring, some extremely interesting things have been going down within our work community. One of them is the first ever Reaktor App Challenge – a competition to inspire Reaktorians to learn developing apps for Android phones and tablets. The purpose of the challenge is to have fun with a non-work related project, as a member of a team of everyone’s own choice.

The instructions are fairly simple: teams must build a smoothly functioning and visually attractive Android application. The grand price of the challenge is – drumroll, please – a trip for the entire team to Silicon Valley, California, hosted by none other than Google itself!

The challenge was launched in December, and teams started forming right away. One team was to consist of maximum five reaktorians, and an exhilarating ten teams of excited reaktorians took up the challenge: we’re still overwhelmed by their enthusiasm

Yesterday was the deadline for the applications to be available on Google Play, and all teams have done a terrific job on their apps. Go check out the exceptionally cool things the teams have created: (sketching app):

Allacca (calendar app):

Download the apps, try them out and comment on them: feedback is always much appreciated.

The winner will be selected by a combination of votes from fellow Reaktorians and the number of downloads from the Play Store, so a big part of the competition is how well the teams have been able to market their apps. The winner will be presented at a Grand Finale Gala in the beginning of April, stay tuned!

The teams have also been given a chance to write their very own blogsposts, so do stay tuned for those too, and try out the apps in the meanwhile!

Picture: Mathias Lindholm

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