Polte gets moving with SportSetter

April 15, 2014

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I am proud to introduce you to another great company from the POLTE-ranks, SportSetter.  With SportSetter, you’ll discover new fitness and wellness activities that work for you and your lifestyle. They operate in Helsinki and New York, and they’re planning to roll out more cities in the near future.

SportSetter’s cofounder, Niko Karstikko, explains the concept in his own words.

“It is unbelievable how easily one gets stuck in routines. People tend to keep running on the same old treadmill even though there are so many great sporting alternatives out there. We make finding those alternatives effortless: all the user needs to do is sign up, list the types of activities they are interested in and start exploring. For about fifteen euros a month you get over 120 euros worth of new, interesting activities.

The thing is, old trends like the daily deal-industry are dead: daily deals only paint an undesirable picture of your brand. Also, campaign prices quickly crowd a gym or a studio, making it an inconvenient environment for both old and new customers. Our service doesn’t cause any kinds of jams since the sole motivator for joining a new activity center isn’t a particularly cheap price; we act as a matchmaker between quality fitness centers and sporty individuals.

We’ve been in contact with POLTE for over a year now and are happy to have made the co-operation official. Reaktor is a top player on the IT-industry even on a global scale, and having access to the best know-how on the field is a huge advantage. We do, indeed, have big plans for the future. We want to make our service even better by offering the users more activities to choose from and by allowing “SportSetters” to make social discoveries among their friends. Obviously, we’ll also continue to create more value for our partners.”

On top of being thoroughly sold on the concept, I’ve been deeply impressed by the whole team at Sportsetter. Niko and his founding partner Trevor Ferguson are incredibly energetic and sharp. The speed at which things happen with these guys is simply amazing. In addition to bringing together a very strong partner network, they have shown themselves to be real leaders. The team they’ve built is strong and motivated. It is great to see how they are beginning to hit their stride. We’ll keep working hard with them to make sure the product lives up to its potential.

The iOS app was launched today – get it right here. To learn more about SportSetter, check out this article on TechCrunch.

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