On kindness

July 24, 2015

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The previous installments of this summer worker blog have discussed the many perks of working at Reaktor: being a part of challenging projects from the beginning, freedom and responsibility, a multidisciplinary group of colleagues, and great coffee. In this post, I’ll focus on what I consider the best part of Reaktor. My name is Lauri and today’s topic is kindness.

Kindness has been held in high regard by people of different cultures throughout history. All major religions preach altruism, and it was an integral part of the codes of chivalry and Bushido. Philosophers have considered it a virtue since the days of Aristotle; even the ever-grumpy Nietzsche valued kindness as long as it wasn’t born out of necessity.

Despite its obvious value to people, kindness is sadly rarely encountered in our day-to-day lives, at the workplace or otherwise. The stereotypes of reserved Finns seem to be accurate to some degree, and at least I find it pretty hard to show kindness to strangers or acquaintances.

It’s reassuring to see that an ethos of kindness has found its way to the often competitive world of IT consulting. When I started working at Reaktor, I found that people here don’t consider their colleagues competitors or hindrances. Helping others is as important as helping oneself, if not more, and the motivations for it are pure: no one counts favors or tries to get under the boss’s wing. During the summer workers’ orientation week, we were told that everyone at Reaktor genuinely hopes that we succeed. Finding that to be true has truly been inspirational.

The summer has already brought many lessons directly related to work, and hopefully many more are on the way. The thing I’d most like to take home from all this is, however, the kind attitude toward others I see all around me every day. You probably deserve it.

Photo: “Kindness” by Hossein Ghodsi

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