Musopia’s advice on going global from scratch

December 9, 2014

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After selling his first company, our CEO Topi Löppönen decided to go after his dream of having a career in the music business. The jobs in music business are hard to find without prior experience in the field, especially if not being a professional musician. He had to come up with a new business idea.

Now, three years later, our company has released three high-quality, Apple featured iOS apps and have more than one million installs.

Musopia is currently operating at an interesting crossroads of two markets. The multi-billion music business is struggling with digitalization, and smart device markets are one of the rapidly growing markets in the history of mankind. From the beginning it was clear that Musopia was to be “born global”: that is, to go after the biggest western markets – United States and United Kingdom – from the beginning.

But how do you get a big enough visibility in those huge markets with a miniature sized marketing budget? This is how we’ve tried to answer the tricky question.

  1. Develop high-quality, niche-targeted apps that help the users to reach their dream of playing music. (Well, that is obvious. A product itself has to be top-notch to succeed.)
  2. Search partnerships with the bigger and more established “players” in the industry. 
    Musopia landed a partnership with the world famous online guitar teacher called Justin Sandercoe with 130 million YouTube views. You can now watch Justin’s guitar tutorial videos inside our apps. We have a signed marketing co-operation deal with a global music instrument manufacturer that is going to be published in January 2015 in the NAMM exhibit. On top of the visibility-factor, the business-to-business side plays an important role in creating a second revenue stream in the future.
  3. Help out others were you can. We love to participate in charity and activation campaigns like “Learn to Play” in UK and “Music for Life” charity in US.
  4. Network with other start-ups with awesome ideas and goals to go global. That is a great and fun way to give and get practical and mental support.

Reaktor got on board as a seed investor in February 2014. Their investment has made the acceleration of our development possible. Since last winter, we´ve hired an awesome in-house AD and released two new apps – the third one is to be released in early 2015. In addition to the investment itself, we´ve received a lot of positive vibes and professional advice from Reaktor. The support has been very hands-on; for example, the booth in Slush 2014 was a great opportunity to show the products and make good connections.

Our team has had seven exits and more than 40 years of combined music and app business experience. Our vision is to create an empire of music apps for different musical instruments and overlapping user bases.

Musopia has an ongoing financial round to accelerate the growth: more information from

Apps by Musopia

FourChords Guitar Karaoke

ChordShaker Pocket Guitar

Ukulele Karaoke Ukeoke

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