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Monocle names Reaktor the top B2B tech player

May 29, 2018

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Monocle’s latest Transport Survey looks at the most ambitious makers and shakers re-envisioning mobility for people, businesses, and cities. Too often, investors and commentators get carried away by grand plans, innovating with flying cars and drones, when in fact simpler solutions – the direct approach – could be far more helpful.

In this June issue, Monocle presents its Top 10 favorite quick and clean solutions for better transport: Why not expand existing subway lines, they ask, like was done with the North-South line in Amsterdam, or introduce a new electric-bus service, like the officials did in the small South Korean town of Udo? These solutions are less flashy but much more cost-effective and useful. They also promote social cohesion by bringing people together rather than separating them into individual vehicles.

The contextual engine Reaktor built for Helsinki Airport – one of the fastest-growing transport hubs in the world, with 20 million travelers a year – uses artificial intelligence to digest passenger data in ways that make passing through the airport a more pleasant experience. It is one of Monocle’s Top 10 picks this year. Design lead Edward Landtman, in a comment for the magazine, says that the benefits “come from an array of small improvements”; for example, digital signs change language according to the nationalities of those getting off a flight. The contextual engine is a product Reaktor sees scaling up and being used at airports across the world.

“Finavia and Reaktor have made connections a slick experience,” Monocle writes. The magazine also endorses Reaktor as the Top B2B technology player in the transportation field.

Reaktor’s other major aviation clients include Air France-KLM, TAP Portugal, Air Baltic, Panasonic Avionics, and Finnair, as well as others yet to be announced.

The Monocle June Transport Issue is in stores now. Digital issue also available for Monocle subscribers.

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