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Minna Kaitala and Katariina Harteela are Reaktor Creative’s new leaders – “The idea of the solo genius in advertising is dead”

Katariina Harteela and Minna Kaitala. Photo: Sebastian Koskinen.
May 13, 2022

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Reaktor Creative has chosen Minna Kaitala as its Executive Director and Katariina Harteela as its new Executive Creative Director. “We believe that the best leadership is earned, not appointed,” Reaktor’s CEO Sampo Pasanen says.

Reaktor’s creative brand studio Reaktor Creative welcomes two new leaders: Minna Kaitala takes charge of the entire business operations and Katariina Harteela starts overseeing all creative projects and campaigns for clients such as Oda, Framery, and Sinebrychoff.

Before joining Reaktor Creative as the Head of Operations in 2020, Kaitala was the co-founder and CMO of Compensate. She has 15+ years of experience in the ad industry in companies like SEK, Hasan, and 358.

Harteela was one of the first talents of Reaktor Creative. The Cannes-awarded Creative Director joined the company after working at Hasan and other ad agencies.

Clients crave teamwork

Kaitala and Harteela are the kinds of trailblazers the ad industry needs and Reaktor Creative is known for. 

“We’ve seen a huge shift in the recent years. The time of the solo genius in advertizing is dead. Clients are looking for trustworthy team players instead of know-it-alls,” Kaitala says.

Harteela believes that clients no longer want to hire a traditional consultant but an addition to in-house teams.

“They don’t want the ad agency to declare what to do. Instead, they want people they can trust and partners they can collaborate with. These days, clients don’t just hand out briefs – the briefs are made together with the agency.”

Reaktorians believe in earned leadership

The new roles of Kaitala and Harteela demonstrate how Reaktor views leadership, explains CEO Sampo Pasanen. People are re-evaluating work culture, company structures, and communities in a whole new way after the covid-19 pandemic.

“We live in an era where you can’t appoint leaders. Leadership is earned with expertise, respect, and trust. Kaitala and Harteela are important confidants and supporters of many Reaktorians which is why they are taking over the unit,” Pasanen says.


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