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Live wherever, we still have a job for you – Reaktor Remote office is now open

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June 1, 2021

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Live wherever in Finland, work on the most ambitious tech projects out there. Our remote office has opened its metaphorical doors. Learn more and check out our open remote positions here.

With the vaccine roll-out making the return to the “normal” and to the office seemingly just around the corner, at Reaktor, we actually don’t want to force anyone back to the office. Forcing anyone to do anything rarely ends well

Instead, we’re pushing for flexibility, trust, and tailored solutions that fit our talented individuals. 

For some, it will mean a full return to the office. For others, a mix of WFH and the office. But for those of you looking for full freedom of location, we have great news: Reaktor Remote has now opened its metaphorical doors in Finland.

Reaktor Remote means you get freedom, sweet projects, and a community

Just imagine this: our global clientele and roster of intriguing gigs – at your disposal, anywhere in Finland, in an environment of your choosing. 

Want to live in Lapland? Go do it! Move back to your hometown? Sure! If you join our new Remote office, you can live wherever in Finland and still get to work on the most ambitious tech projects out there.

Why did it take us a while to get here?

We’re not doing remote for the sake of doing remote. We want to do remote right – and support our future remote reaktorians right.

This means that our Cribs team and our on-call physiotherapist will help remote talent turn any corner of the woods into a proper workspace. In addition to all your preferred work gear, things like an ergonomic desk, office chair, light therapy lamp and Wi-Fi are on us. If you want a plant, we got you covered there too.

This also means we’ve put time and effort into building a community independent of location. Our wide array of trainings and coffee chats happen indiscriminately of location, and will continue to do so after the pandemic. Hobby groups, Communities of Practice, and the remote office operations team’s number one priority is to facilitate and encourage meaningful encounters. 

And while we do believe a community can prosper in a remote setting and reaktorians are totally free to never leave their cabins again, any and all face-to-face bonding is (the restrictions pending) encouraged and, naturally, reimbursed. Team day in Turku? Sure. A training you’d like to attend live? Do it. Company trip, holiday party, in Finland, outside of Finland? You’ve got it! 

Learn more and check out our open remote positions here.

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