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Lightweight project resourcing

May 12, 2015

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A while ago a person from sales joined the #design channel in the Reaktor Slack and said he needed a graphic designer for a brief assignment. He shortly described the details and asked if someone was interested and available. Within minutes one of our designers replied and allocated himself for the assignment.

Now this is the kind of resourcing I like! No resourcing meetings. No resourcing Excels. No resource managers. Instead, the designer himself acted as his own resource manager, assessed if he had the time, and then committed. This way the assignment got the most dedicated expert possible – someone who genuinely found the job at hand interesting. It’s pure win for the customer as well.

Yes, this kind of resourcing is a bit chaotic, but at Reaktor it just works. It is not a fit for every scenario, obviously, but instead of blindly following a process without exceptions, it is OK to adapt the means to fit the need.

Essentially, it’s a matter of trust. The fact that people are trusted and given freedom to make their own decisions is a huge motivator. In a trusted environment people can accomplish things that are completely unimaginable in a more controlled setting. We are fortunate to see this happen constantly at Reaktor. I’ve also observed that the more people are treated as individuals and given freedom, the more they think about the best of the company as a whole when making decisions.

This post was published originally in Sami Honkonen’s personal blog as a guest post.

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