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Kesko and Reaktor continue successful partnership of developing digital services

October 21, 2020

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Updated May 10, 2021: As online food retail is catching up with brick and mortar stores, user experience has become paramount. The winning recipe integrates sales, content, and customer insight. Deep-dive in to how Reaktor has helped Kesko build food’s one-stop-shop and a media powerhouse.

Kesko and Reaktor’s partnership, which started in 2016, will continue in the years to come as Reaktor was reselected among Kesko’s lead partners. The collaboration will be based on prior successes in developing and launching leading digital services, such as

In 2016, as part of its strategy, K Group targeted a significant improvement in online customer experience. was built to provide grocery-shopping customers with an online one-stop-shop that integrates sales, content, and customer insight. Building this online presence required strong collaboration with Kesko and its partners and also offered Reaktor opportunities to develop the latest solutions in online grocery retail.

These include machine learning and AI algorithms, which are implemented to recommend products, recipes, and meals and provide intelligent searches based on the user’s purchase history.

Since 2016 has seen weekly online growth figures of up to 800 percent. Simultaneously, Kesko’s retailers have gained unprecedented online visibility for their offers and content – thanks to their new, strong presence online. The new has proven to scale well and sustain huge traffic spikes, which was demonstrated during greatly increased volumes due to COVID-19.

At the core of the partnership and digital media development are agile ways of working and multifunctional teams.


  • Growth in digital channel users up 44 percent (2019)
  • Traffic from search engines up 40 percent
  • Online store sales up 106 percent (2019)
  • NPS up 13 percentage points from 2018.

If you found this interesting, make sure to check our a more thorough case study about our collaboration with Kesko as well as this blog post about our learnings in the K AI team.

“Reaktor has helped us to build leading digital services and accelerate our growth. We’re looking forward to creating even more personalized, relevant, and intuitive services with Reaktor in the coming years. ”

Arto Hiltunen, CIO


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