Impressions of Reaktor through the eyes of a new guy

May 28, 2014

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I started working at Reaktor eight months ago. During my first week here, I wrote down the three things that impressed me most about the company. Today, I took a new look at my diary, and the things I thought about back then still seem to hold true. 

I’d like to share my thoughts from last September with you. Here’s a simplified list of the things that caught my attention.

1. Positive outlook

The day I signed my contract happened to be the day of the monthly company meeting. I was surprised by two things: how everything had a positive spin on it, and the sheer amount of laughter. People seemed to truly care about this community and each other.

Since negative messages and vibes were nearly completely absent at the meeting, it felt almost cult-like. I think that’s okay, though. Reaktor is constantly renewing itself, so it seems that information about things that are in need of improvements keep are taken care of, too.

2. Things simply work

When I started working here, I was impressed with how well practical things worked – from getting my laptop and keys to the crash course in brewing perfect coffee.

Having had experience from companies of all sizes before, I was used to things not working. At Reaktor, it was a pleasant surprise to get my keys, phone, laptop and lunch tickets immediately – and everything worked right away! The laptop had all the correct settings preset and most of the software I needed, preinstalled! I got a cover for my phone, I could have taken headphones if I needed them, and so on. This is seriously quite rare. 

With everything being taken care of just like that, I felt that people care about me: have they really done all these things for me? I feel safe, because everything simply works – and I don’t need to waste my time sorting out things that should have worked right away.

3. Relaxed pace

Initially, the biggest surprise for me was the relaxed pace of working at Reaktor. Because the company is self-organized and renews itself all the time, I thought the work we do would have a constant feeling of hurry. It turned out to be quite the opposite: people appear to have time to converse in piece and still do their work without hassle.

This is an overwhelmingly positive thing. The unhurried pace promotes the feeling of peacefulness. By doing things properly the first time, they don’t need to be revisited constantly. People have time to widen their views and really listen to each other.

All in all, I was very happy with my first days at Reaktor, and I still feel the same way. People are kind and I feel respected. Positiveness, the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that things work have really left a special impression on me.

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