Huimio’s journey as a Polte clan member

October 23, 2014

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We founded Huimio on May Day Eve 2012. We had a strong vision about our first product: Tunemio helps all musicians, beginners and professionals, practice more efficiently. It records the rehearsal sessions for after-the-fact analysis and enables the users to utilize backing tracks to establish groove without an actual band.

In a couple of months Tunemio’s functionality was in good enough shape to be demonstrated. We met Polte in Slush 2012, pretty much just after the fund was set up and Tunemio was months away from release. We agreed to continue discussions once Tunemio had attracted a large enough number of users.

We launched Tunemio for OS X in April 2013, and gathered feedback and analytics from the early adopters. The need for a product like Tunemio was quickly proven. Emboldened by the experience, we began to hunt a much larger audience: the billion iOS users.

The funding discussions continued while we developed the iPad version. After Polte built a consortium of investors with lesser stakes, we reached an investment agreement just before Christmas 2013.

Huimio has received much more from Reaktor than just funding. The investment has been smart money all along. The regular checkpoint meetings usually evolve into deep-drilling feedback and planning sessions. Quite a few seedlings of ideas have been turned into product features.

Before the soft launch of Tunemio’s iPad version we had a very fruitful session with Reaktor’s UX crew. It’s amazing how easy it is to miss non-intuitive elements in the user interface. Analytics is a core element of the application development, and we are thankful for the assistance in deriving real knowledge out of hundreds of megabytes of collected data.

Additionally, we’ve thus far utilized Reaktor’s help in legal and recruiting matters. Neither of the topics was familiar to us, and having a professional validate our thinking was very valuable.

The existence and membership in the Polte community of peer companies is important as well. We’ve learned from startups with more experience, and will help newer arrivals as well.

Polte was the lead investor in our seed round. Huimio is now gearing up for its next investment round and the worldwide release of the iOS version of Tunemio.

With the wide range of expert services available, the bar is set high for prospecting investors’ skills. It’s been a pleasure working with the Polte team, and we look forward to our continued collaboration in making Tunemio the de facto music rehearsal tool across the globe.

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