Huimio joins Polte – Introducing the new best friend of all musicians

September 4, 2014

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Some exciting news from POLTE coming up! We’re glad to announce that a new interesting company called Huimio has joined the POLTE-community. Huimio’s application is called Tunemio, and it strives to be the best friend of all music hobbyists.

The four people that make up Huimio – Ville Lavonius, Veli Kaksonen, Jaakko Kulomaa and Katri Mäkinen – are aiming high: they want Tunemio to become the most used tool for rehearsing music by the year 2016.

“We started off thinking what people would really need. Tunemio isn’t the app for people who just want to learn to play their first two songs on a certain instrument: it is meant to be the most used tool of a musician who wants to get better and see their skills improve.

Tunemio allows the user to record their music, play along to any song on their device via iTunes and keep track of how much time and effort they’ve put in practicing. The thing is, it is almost impossible to immediately hear it when you play wrong – or do really well – while you’re practicing. By listening to yourself play later on, you recognize both the mistakes and the improvement. Tunemio doesn’t teach people to sing or play so that an algorithm likes it – it helps you to actually sound good.

Right now we’re working on making Tunemio a more social service by allowing the user to share their work with friends, and we’re planning to include different kinds of great tools to the service. We’re also busy discussing deals with some big players on the industry. It is all very exciting.

We got acquainted with Polte back in 2012 at Slush, when Polte had just been launched.  We felt that there’s so much more to POLTE as an investor than just the money – they’ve always got time to advise us and help with things we might have not even considered ourselves. We’ve also been in contact with other Polte-companies and have received help from them, too.”

It’s already been great working with these guys. They have a deep, first-hand connection to the musicians committed to honing their skills. In addition, they really know their way around code.

The earlier Mac version of Tunemio hooked it’s users for good: the iPad version – published this spring – is just a more natural medium for an application like this, and the iOS App Store a more efficient channel to reach people. I can’t wait to see how the social features and community evolve around this great tool.

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