How we will continue to work towards equality at Reaktor in 2019

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March 19, 2019

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When it comes to equality, there is still plenty of  work to be done. The year 2019 includes a host of measures related to Reaktor’s equality work, ranging from the yearly salary survey to support for career paths and development to training.

At Reaktor, we believe that equality can be reached through decisive work and concrete actions. We also feel that it’s important to share and discuss openly the priorities of this work every year.

Did you miss the priorities we published last year? They can be found here.

Now, let’s take a look at this year.

Our yearly salary survey will be published in May

In Finland, the average pay gap between men and women on the job market is 16.1%.

However, merely comparing median salaries gives an overly simplistic image of the situation. We can get a more precise picture by standardizing background factors. According to the MSAH report, studies in which background factors have been standardized show quite a large unexplained pay gap. For example, according to a Finnish Business School Graduates salary survey from 2018, the unexplained wage gap between female and male business school graduates working in the private sector is 12%. The MSAH report also estimated that unexplained pay gaps are the biggest in expert and leadership positions.

At Reaktor, we use statistical models to analyze realized salaries. Our statistical model standardizes background factors (e.g. years of experience, role, etc.), which allows us to ensure that salaries at Reaktor are based on the equal principles of the compensation system rather than on other factors, such as gender, age or mother tongue.

The yearly report, which is available to all our staff, will be published in May. In addition to the principles we mentioned last year, we are committed to continually developing our internal reporting system as well as improving our compensation communications in order to increase salary awareness.

Individual career planning

Last year, we wrote about our development discussion experiment, in which experienced experts help other experts in the same field find career paths and get support for their development. In the experiment, we paid close attention to guiding people merely based on their interests and current skills.  The program has been extremely well received, which is why we will continue implementing it internally. To improve the program, we’re going to arrange more training on diversity and overcoming biases this year.

At the end of last year, we made the concept available to experts at other companies too to help an ever larger number of people with their careers. The initiative centered on diversity and resulted in a wide range of sparring sessions for various types of experts.

Collaboration with NGOs, events and role models

We want to encourage everyone to enter the technology field. We do this work, among other things, by offering code school activities for children, working closely with schools and women’s network organizations, and supporting various technology events that center on diversity and equality. In 2019, we partnered with, for example, Finland’s national committee for UN Women, Women in Tech, and Future Female as well as many student organizations.

It is of the utmost importance to us that a diverse group of people can be seen at events, in interviews, and on social media.

Other measures and focuses

In addition to the measures above, at Reaktor, we will continue working towards equality in the following ways:

  • A permanent diversity team The organic team that was formed last year continues its work at Reaktor. The team meets regularly to discuss issues and promote projects related to equality.
  • Support for combining family and work – regardless of gender Combining family and work flexibly is still an important issue, which is why we will continue to actively work on it also this year.
  • Maintain absolute zero tolerance for harassment We have publicly committed to zero tolerance for sexual harassment. If such cases come up, each one will be dealt with appropriately, and the matter will not be hushed up just because talking about it is difficult.


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